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Genvix پیش 8 روز
“Don’t watch this channel to learn cause I’m learning as well”
Shortzy پیش 24 روز
Power steering being hit and miss is probably an air bubble in the system.
JDM Mario Flores
JDM Mario Flores پیش 29 روز
Do you play Xbox one should play need for speed heat with me some time
402CarKid پیش 29 روز
You don't want thick oil. That increases pressure but only because the pump has to work harder to flow it. It also increases oil temps. Obviously you don't want e85 thinned oil either. But jaut saying the thicker the oil is isn't always the better.
Rich Scanlon
Rich Scanlon پیش ماه
Rudnik you should address the rpm act !!
Rich Scanlon
Rich Scanlon پیش ماه
EPA ain’t playing no games
Rodrigo Medina
Rodrigo Medina پیش ماه
That dude in the back wearing project torque merch! Dope af to see all sorts of people supporting @fredylsx
Music Industry Drama
Music Industry Drama پیش ماه
In Florida repping Freddy lsx merch
Rohit Sehdev
Rohit Sehdev پیش ماه
that slowmo was dope af
Banana Mash
Banana Mash پیش ماه
Whats the point of putting the harness in if you cant see it.???
Glenn Runnalls
Glenn Runnalls پیش ماه
I always cut out floor dry pads with a razor blade the fit on top of my used oil barrels so you don’t get all that oil hanging out on the top
Alex Stava
Alex Stava پیش ماه
tf is wrong with that mirror
Angelo Brignoli
Angelo Brignoli پیش ماه
"this is molasses, so thin"😂😂
R Stone
R Stone پیش ماه
I miss something. New camera?
felipe sanchez
felipe sanchez پیش ماه
We have these pans at work that sit on top of the drum and have a funnel on the bottom that goes into the hole
Savage GTI
Savage GTI پیش ماه
"molasses" proceeds to show water consistency lol
Caleb Tabb
Caleb Tabb پیش ماه
I bet u won’t turbo the mower
Gordon Allen
Gordon Allen پیش ماه
Rudnik clearly doesnt know what molasses is. Lmao "SO THIN"
1000 FZR
1000 FZR پیش ماه
Another great video
WarriorPaxo پیش ماه
you gotta bleed that power steering system
Douggie Dowdall ki88
Douggie Dowdall ki88 پیش ماه
If we don’t see junk on that other riced out miata intercooler
mrbmart98 پیش ماه
You NEED to get tommy to do a cop skit with you.
Jesse Gutierrez
Jesse Gutierrez پیش ماه
The last part🤣
Dk King
Dk King پیش ماه
What's you guys favourite the ROADSTER HOTBOI OR THE RICERMIATA
pete james
pete james پیش ماه
Any one seen onions vid 24yr old millionaire? 🤪
TheFoxBodyRanger پیش ماه
Restricted Chris restricted my god lol
FullSend Taylor
FullSend Taylor پیش ماه
Its crazy how much hes grown in the last 3 months
brandino12332 پیش ماه
Molasses is not thin lol
Spencer Junior
Spencer Junior پیش ماه
Junk for less isnt working at all, whats up?
Spencer Junior
Spencer Junior پیش ماه
@Ricer Miata okay thank you man, excited af! Definitely getting something this go bc I've been watching you for years I've watched every video you made and still haven't been able to order merch, but I'm definitely getting in on this one!!
Ricer Miata
Ricer Miata پیش ماه
Merch drop goes live tomorrow!
Colin Reaney
Colin Reaney پیش ماه
Rudnik whats your opinion on Onion claiming to be a millionaire but still looking like a hobo
Woody 355
Woody 355 پیش ماه
Why would u say that 🤣🤣
BJMTM1 پیش ماه
“ It’s molasses it’s so thin” rudnik 2021
Smokey پیش ماه
The honda doesnt look like it works bud🤔😂
Pedro Reynoso
Pedro Reynoso پیش ماه
That sprinkler at 9:00
Lucas Ribeiro
Lucas Ribeiro پیش ماه
if the power steering is on and off, that could mean two things, pump is failing or air on the system.
FluffyMiata 90
FluffyMiata 90 پیش ماه
You need to bleed the power steering
David Courville
David Courville پیش ماه
should of a tug of war with the mowers for sure!
Alberto Hernandez
Alberto Hernandez پیش ماه
Where’s his gf
Mr GreyXX87
Mr GreyXX87 پیش ماه
Life is crazy... crazy that onion is a millionaire.. geeze who seen that coming ..
CedellaR32 پیش ماه
please do a poster with all 3 Miata's
Jacob Menth
Jacob Menth پیش ماه
Back ordered to April 20th? 420 always on your mind you stonebag 🤣
FreakinRican32 پیش ماه
12:56 Says its molasses, then says how thin it is lmao.
El Falcon
El Falcon پیش ماه
More outros like that please 😂
Still out there making fire content through everything. Bettering yourself and your life everyday. Still having fun with the channel and sharing it all with us. I wish you nothing but the best in life, God bless
zerpexan پیش ماه
You guys should enter a Lemons race, it would be great content.
CodyDoesIt پیش ماه
Chris why don't you buy and oil caddy from AutoZone OEM brand so you don't have to drain into the floor my dood.
Regilio Bouma
Regilio Bouma پیش ماه
how does e85 make oil thin? call me stupid but when i did my oil change after owing the car 2 years and oil was just black but seemed fine was still like oil.. whole i run e85 without any mods cause im gready to do a e85 flex fuel tune that cost 400€....
Alex C
Alex C پیش ماه
"All my cars work!" Standing in front of car with no front bumper...lmao! Dont get hurt cuz yur mom will be pissed!! Rightfully so!!
TheEmerty پیش ماه
I love how Jack has a race truck to haul the tractor lol next he’ll have a pit crew
MMA پیش ماه
"were about 3 turns .... less rducued? So we are 40% ... resisted.... " WHAT lol @4:40 haha
S_Chassis_925 پیش ماه
"This stuff is like molasses, so thin" lmfao
Jeremy T
Jeremy T پیش ماه
Get you a spare set of pads if the brakes are to much an you can’t adjust them back enough get you a spare set of pads that are bonded an riveted an cut out a section in the center of the pad then try them again. Basically removing friction surface from the pad. Cheap way to decrease brake pressure without spending a arm an leg
Brody Jo
Brody Jo پیش ماه
Why is junk4less sight not working? I have no luck with this I ordered a hoodie years ago and never received it I was gonna try again but it says coming soon??
Samm Shroyer
Samm Shroyer پیش ماه
Wow 3 miatas gay sell 3 keep the roadster
Kennylee Aponte
Kennylee Aponte پیش ماه
dude i'm low key excited to see some tractor work on jacks channel
Simon Stiers
Simon Stiers پیش ماه
The camo harness actualy looks fire
Epic_Viper پیش ماه
Quatar Hero 😂
Zachary Ran
Zachary Ran پیش ماه
That outro had me rollin 😂😂😂
Nick Steele
Nick Steele پیش ماه
Dude you and Jack seriously need to do tractor shit on the channel that will be funny as hell lmao
toys4x4boys پیش ماه
Put a light in the roadster bumper dude, the cars are great but so scruffy, 1 scruffy car is funny, all of them is just lazy 😄
No Budget Racing
No Budget Racing پیش ماه
The roadster used to be nice as frig
Ingus Rezongs
Ingus Rezongs پیش ماه
Where is the gtr havent seen it for long time?
TheSitscha پیش ماه
Where's Courtney? I hope she and Chris are still together.
TheSitscha پیش ماه
@Christian K Yeah youre right. If I remember correctly, I saw her last at "Anton's proposal" Video...... Oh man, hopefully I'm not right, this reminds me years ago of Nicole & Adam....
Christian K
Christian K پیش ماه
I’m surprised more people aren’t talking about this
908wrx 908lgt
908wrx 908lgt پیش ماه
This stuff is molasses... bro molasses is thick not thin lol
Ciulik 102
Ciulik 102 پیش ماه
are the filters pre-oiled ?
908wrx 908lgt
908wrx 908lgt پیش ماه
Jordan is the real MVP. Rudnick great decision. Pulled a move like Father Tom, brought in a proper mechanic. Smart. “Don’t watch this channel to learn! Cuz I’m learning too!” -Ruddy lmao
devon snitchler
devon snitchler پیش ماه
Oil changes cheap? I just had to spend 75 dollars on my oil change
eric green
eric green پیش ماه
Good to see you taking this more serious. You have a giant list of influential people to help you out, take advantage of it.
J.G. Motorsports
J.G. Motorsports پیش ماه
“Black like Tommy’s soul” 💀🤣💀
908wrx 908lgt
908wrx 908lgt پیش ماه
tdealjr پیش ماه
Sorry sir
Angel Gabriel
Angel Gabriel پیش ماه
10:54 Did He Use Diesel Engine Oil For Gas Engine 😂
No Budget Racing
No Budget Racing پیش ماه
I use 15w40 in my jeep lol
Hammer11791 پیش ماه
I want a poster with all your Miata's in it. That would be sick!
Patrick Mckinney
Patrick Mckinney پیش ماه
Yes its strange both my cars are in perfect working order
jdm603jake پیش ماه
Buy an HKS mushroom filter for the ricer Miata turbo bro they're shorter and you wouldn't have to cut anything
Brett Krehling
Brett Krehling پیش ماه
Love the content and crew you have now! Entertaining and funnier then ever.
jdm603jake پیش ماه
Backordered til april 20th, I see you 😉
matt nelson
matt nelson پیش ماه
Someone go throw a rock at the blinking light.
Jack Hoffman
Jack Hoffman پیش ماه
Courtney dumped ruddy because he doesn’t need a wheelchair or crutches anymore
MyGuyFTW پیش ماه
Mr. Cecil always coming out with awsome ideas. Tractor race!
Swedish Citizen
Swedish Citizen پیش ماه
if u ever have problem despite the silicon coupler for the servocooler get some 1 SC hydraulic line
Eluder Racing
Eluder Racing پیش ماه
all the cars are looking good! but those headlights on the hotboi got to go!!!! you need to have all 3 matching
Jake Hamlin
Jake Hamlin پیش ماه
Thought of putting road bike engines in the lawnmowers ?
Jordan Fordham
Jordan Fordham پیش ماه
“unless elon musk fixes that somehow” 2 seconds later LITERALLY tesla right behind him
I didn't even notice that LOL great catch
The Insane Biker
The Insane Biker پیش ماه
Rodknocks gotta weld the diff and put od tension on tbe belt so he can drag jack
Mainfold پیش ماه
...speaking of Elon Musk.. Tesla-swapped Miata?
Savage Black
Savage Black پیش ماه
Thats awesome. But why the weird face everytime you shift to second??
T0mThompson پیش ماه
I like this dream team...Chris the entertainer, Jordan the professional... Keep on grinding guys and rock some events with the miatas :)
Chris Sherman
Chris Sherman پیش ماه
Thoughts on Onion and his bitcoin success??
vantsen nm
vantsen nm پیش ماه
no abs ?
Daniel W124
Daniel W124 پیش ماه
Sucking in that much air will kill your little amazon pump bro😂
R&C Pihama
R&C Pihama پیش ماه
Chris Rudnik the true heart of Hagged Garage. ...
No Budget Racing
No Budget Racing پیش ماه
If it wasnt for orion none of it wouldve happend.
Nay Cee
Nay Cee پیش ماه
Dayum ruddy beating it on hard?
Brando765 پیش ماه
Where’s the bmw content
Jostein Carlsen
Jostein Carlsen پیش ماه
The rear should NOT look up... just almost 👍🏼
XSDUP rwd پیش ماه
100% ready for the autocross.. so got your tire pressure gauge?! 😏
Wrecked Revival
Wrecked Revival پیش ماه
I remember saying that title one day, shortly after I found myself having to buy everything for a fully built motor. 😂😅😭
Stefano Gasparini
Stefano Gasparini پیش ماه
Am I the only one who get errors trying to open junk4less ? Do these errors occures because I'm from europe ?
miikka mikkola
miikka mikkola پیش ماه
9:05 nice spit
constant333 پیش ماه
good work jordan!
TheFriendlyBambi پیش ماه
CHRIS NEEDS A 335I OR 135I Project
Mazjolfcal پیش ماه
Definitely want fronts to lock up slightly before rears, and you will really have to bleed power steering system loads now because of the extra lines and fluid
Rmiata پیش ماه
Turn up the compression on the front BC's will change your braking distance.
Ricer Miata
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Sending DJ's Silvia to the MOON on the Dyno!
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