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Ricer Miata

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MINT 4x4
MINT 4x4 پیش 23 روز
my f23 made 222whp on 6.5psi with an ebay turbo. irpost.info/face/fy-lm-h-y/zGXZwMao3Zi5ipk.html
Tim Wolf
Tim Wolf پیش ماه
Just wasteing your money
Grey Man
Grey Man پیش ماه
man jack is a fantastic mentor for these guys
Devon Casey-Hoke
Devon Casey-Hoke پیش ماه
Head swap that f23 with a h22 or h23 head. Would definitely be more wild. The f-series has iron sleeves. Poor man's K basically
That’s your boy Chris!! Help him out!!!! Lift his spirit up dont make him feel like shit.
402CarKid پیش ماه
He needs to k swap that thing. He'll make over 220 stock na block.
J پیش ماه
2021 The year of the comeback, dont stop grinding ruddy lol
D Kusiq
D Kusiq پیش ماه
Why do these guys just like ruining cars
that ek dude
that ek dude پیش ماه
Man tell that kid to stop wasting his money and just H2b swap that thing dude.
Vic FastLife
Vic FastLife پیش ماه
Haven't had no vids in a few days brother everything okay ?
gate access
gate access پیش ماه
appreciate the content, stoked ot see the mods made to increase performance on the honda.
gate access
gate access پیش ماه
damn, video was soooo fn long i thought you guys were actually going to heat wrap downpipe, ot add a dump pipe away from radiator. HEAT MANAGEMENT and if that dont help. smaller fn turbo lol..
gate access
gate access پیش ماه
Torque is what scares peolpe, HP just impresses people.
gate access
gate access پیش ماه
GG's Jordan, dont worry.. you can still dial her in better. this was just run numero 1
gate access
gate access پیش ماه
heat management is KEY... heat soaking is the enemy of power! cooler temps is higher power. higher temps is lower power.
tristan white
tristan white پیش ماه
6:19 peep the boxer engine
Colin Murray
Colin Murray پیش ماه
Buy him a turbo and down pipe and boost controller and mapp sensor
kissatkoiria پیش ماه
nice daily uploads
Derek Quad
Derek Quad پیش ماه
So much for daily up loads. This is 2 days old going on 3?
Eric B.
Eric B. پیش ماه
Y'all should fix the bugs and keep going I love this content. I'm a broke boy so it's fun watching stuff that I could afford to do.
Kenneth Ratliff
Kenneth Ratliff پیش ماه
So much for tomorrows video lol did he break something again 😂😂😂
meatloaf666999 پیش ماه
You fellas need to buy one of those 2.5" or 3" mandrel bent exhaust kits. Its just a mix of 45,90 and 180 degree bends and a handful of straight sections as well. Get rid of those booger pipes! lol Grab a cheap portable bandsaw with a table/mount and you're rocking!
therbel7 پیش ماه
Chris what do you think about Orion’s recent investment gains!?
Thomas Strickland
Thomas Strickland پیش ماه
something is really off about that accord. probably too hot for iat to pull alot of timing out or get honda tuner.
n amrebo
n amrebo پیش ماه
Jordan Wallen
Brandon Adkins
Brandon Adkins پیش ماه
I want that 300zx so bad
Wyatt_cars پیش ماه
Ight man, I know some others will agree with me. Jordan has helped you out a shit load and seems to genuinely be a good ass dude and friend. You should hook him up with a swap on the accord to make it a beast. I feel like he’s earned it lol
MazdaHolic پیش ماه
The silver miata that you Can spot if you look close, definately is NOT his new secret car😂😂
Rossy Rocks
Rossy Rocks پیش ماه
If she ain’t 380* she ain’t a lady
Jack Giddens
Jack Giddens پیش ماه
Hoping you bought bobs miata 😬 things cool as fuck!!
Whynot ?
Whynot ? پیش ماه
Damn kris lacking with the uplpads now
Dale Blake
Dale Blake پیش ماه
I’ve never seen anyone look so disappointed.
i watch youtube
i watch youtube پیش ماه
Jack cleaned it up. mustang dyno is not correct with lower type off hp cars. even boostedboiz/emilo said that in there video's while back thats way the did not dyno it in the begin later the did i believe on mustang dyno. But for what the car is a nice beater mobiel haha
B P پیش ماه
Jauns a turd you get what you pay for
Ekcloud96 پیش ماه
Lol dude come on Help him out and throw him some parts or something ! He helped you more than anyone while you was in Connecticut. Might as well return the favor dude ! Even if it’s just a $300 part
Samm Shroyer
Samm Shroyer پیش ماه
It's tomorrow and no new car and no timing light lol
Samm Shroyer
Samm Shroyer پیش ماه
Imagine paying for a dyno sesh and the outcome is slower than 70% of the sheep in their grocery getters
Samm Shroyer
Samm Shroyer پیش ماه
Just stick a 300hp type r engine in it drive it into a wall
153kars پیش ماه
@18:50.... at that moment Jordan knew he fxxked up😅🤣🤣🤣
Benny palestina
Benny palestina پیش ماه
Mikey O
Mikey O پیش ماه
Anybody else peep that black Miata towards the end?
Mitch Varn
Mitch Varn پیش ماه
When he popped the hood and I saw the ARP Blue vacuum lines I was like houston we gonna have a problem. Those lines are trash. Don't feel bad I think we all tried them to get that look, but get some good vacuum lines and rebuild the turbo system to control that heat. If you are worried about loosing money on the build you need to hang it up.. thats what happens if you love the cars. I love old civics I have dumped money into the cars i own knowing I will never recoup it. It's about the build and the car. I don't care about resell value because I love the cars.
Nelson Beaumont
Nelson Beaumont پیش ماه
Eddie Torres
Eddie Torres پیش ماه
Where’s the new video we waiting CHRIS
Kalvin Dick
Kalvin Dick پیش ماه
Jack has no judgement and rodkiss is all judgement. Seems like he’s an asshole when any of his friends r starting to be successful he talks shit and how his is so much better. But yet his shit is always broken
kadafi Allen
kadafi Allen پیش ماه
Bro thats shit is trash set up
Kris Goodman
Kris Goodman پیش ماه
I have a f23 accord as well and my car would beat his no boost
Travis Ryerson
Travis Ryerson پیش ماه
Is the mechanical timing on ?
Capt. Angry Pirate
Capt. Angry Pirate پیش ماه
Wouldn’t knock those eBay turbos. Kyles MR2 for example.
XxPablo808xX پیش ماه
13:23 "If she ain't 280, she ain't a real lady" -Grillo
Fuzion180 پیش ماه
21:35 HAHAHHA passing it around! lemme have a go
CronicxGnarsesh پیش ماه
I used to have an accord just like this one man! 1997 and she was cleannn damn I miss her sometimes 🙃
kamren sapakdy
kamren sapakdy پیش ماه
Ignition timing seems off on the distributor
Fuzion180 پیش ماه
Whatever happened to Courtney?
Critical Thinkers
Critical Thinkers پیش ماه
Maybe get stiffer engine mounds. So engine moves less. And a new clutch.😂
Dejay Jr
Dejay Jr پیش ماه
My g37 Makes 328 stock v6
Silverado Dave
Silverado Dave پیش ماه
I see a blue slammed miata outside the shop @18:17 😜
Silverado Dave
Silverado Dave پیش ماه
@Chronic Kush yea that’s the one I’m thinking of too, could be 🤷‍♂️
Chronic Kush
Chronic Kush پیش ماه
Looks almost like the slammed silver one that has been at his shop before but it also might be the reason he un-stanced the ricer miata 😉
Jesse Sward
Jesse Sward پیش ماه
Bums me out kid wants a budget turbo car and if you want to compete and see these huge numbers you gotta have sponsors, $$, or a connect. But at least with ruddy he’ll have more opportunity than before, with he work ethic we’ll see this car back in the dyno in no time
dave IIIBB
dave IIIBB پیش ماه
Chris lookin like he Was made for the accord life
heavymetal hydro
heavymetal hydro پیش ماه
Yes it needs the h22 motor Jordan
JontuuPresent پیش ماه
Basic hondaboy talking smack about having a fast car, nothing new
BigT_Money پیش ماه
yo Chris what you doing man you got to tell Jordan about that dildo shift knob. Lmfao i cant believe hes rocking the dildo
shanelipsey پیش ماه
Love these builds lol
David Marcoux
David Marcoux پیش ماه
Marcus was on the right track with the no2
Alex C
Alex C پیش ماه
Jack is awesome
J1PP3R 994
J1PP3R 994 پیش ماه
245 hp guessing before the dyno run just started watching
s1ylittle syko
s1ylittle syko پیش ماه
Well boostedboiz has the mr2 with twin ebay turbos making over 1000hp
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 پیش ماه
With a K24, and $1,000 for the turbos alone.
Space Racers Uk
Space Racers Uk پیش ماه
I like johns T-shirt on back off it it says beer is the fuel in polish 🇵🇱
Steve Watkins
Steve Watkins پیش ماه
jack is not the best tuner my thought
Steve Watkins
Steve Watkins پیش ماه
man that setup was lil diff b st8
Daniel Daniel
Daniel Daniel پیش ماه
You need Brett from PFI SPEED to turn the nuts off of it
Stoner Gaming Paradise
Stoner Gaming Paradise پیش ماه
Needs better engine mounts, RICER ACCORD STYLE! Use 3M window weld for (windshield installations). Has the same hardness/material as the innovative black racing mounts!
ho پیش ماه
That edit had me dying 💀
Jonas پیش ماه
Jordan sucks. do not like seeing him in videos
Stoner Gaming Paradise
Stoner Gaming Paradise پیش ماه
More Honda videos and ill consider subscribing or even 👍the video
S I M O N پیش ماه
That thing needs to be situated. Now I want it situated
Milton Gimenez
Milton Gimenez پیش ماه
Please do this build justice guys . Ima need a solid 300hp after all said and done . Definitely need a 4bar map sensor
Battle Geek!
Battle Geek! پیش ماه
get rid of all that blue vac line and shit in the bay will run like a dream
neonboy26 پیش ماه
The two step screwed it
Milton Gimenez
Milton Gimenez پیش ماه
God sent this video to me I'm literally doing the same build .there's not much on these year accords on IRpost . Thank you ruddy ,thank you Jordan and thank you jack
TurbskiYata پیش ماه
“Slap a turbo kit you’ll make 100 more hp” *makes 10 hp
VAGABOND111 پیش ماه
Talk shit, get talked shit to. It's all in good fun boys! Jordan will get there.
Craig Krage
Craig Krage پیش ماه
That's why the dyno is called the heartbreaker.
B4WD_M4DZ پیش ماه
HE NEED MORE FLOW BROTHA. Home girl sittin at 280 in the mirror, but on the scale she lighter than a feather 🤧
shanesanmanboi پیش ماه
Jordan’s face after the session while pointing out all the things that need to be fixed 😂 poor guy lol
junior dume
junior dume پیش ماه
That Clutch is dead too
FiveMadNess پیش ماه
bro that engine is an economy engine XD, vtec isn't "real vtec" it just opens up the other intake valve. also the transmission is a eco one too first gear will be short but beyond second they will all be long gears. to fix this get a H22 head f20/or h22 trans non SH. and invest in forged parts get k20 type s pistons. and make your self a Honda G23. its a dangerous engine it will rip and it will rev up. it will be a monster.
5ThGeaRedLined پیش ماه
Dang my h22 did 173 to the wheels. It’s crazy how dohc wakes up an engine. Keep going Jordan get that 9 psi buddy
OnkelSvenne پیش ماه
I belive the missing vacuum hose to the blow off can be a big part of the issues no :)
Mike Lawrence
Mike Lawrence پیش ماه
4ring garage
4ring garage پیش ماه
tuned without checking base timing?
zack lavictoire
zack lavictoire پیش ماه
“10hp per psi of boost” lol Ya that’s definitely not how boost works
Mason H
Mason H پیش ماه
Tommy get on his ass and now Chris wanna get on buddy’s ass
A J پیش ماه
Single Cam Haters 😅 my stock 200k D15z1 made 160 with a blown headgasket . Came with 92hp so I ain't mad , guna throw arp studs new gasket and clean up all vacuum lines and hopefully make a good 200 . 200hp in a eg hatch feels like 280 🤣
matt bauman
matt bauman پیش ماه
I can see the new Miata right there at the end.
Justin Wheat
Justin Wheat پیش ماه
7psi 269
Justin Wheat
Justin Wheat پیش ماه
Well she’s restricted more then a handicapped paraplegic on house arrest .
C W پیش ماه
I’m excited to see Jordan fix the issues and see the difference!
Mike پیش ماه
Get that turbo breathing and a good downpipe and it should be at 200
Taylor miner
Taylor miner پیش ماه
Rudnick douting ebay turbos with boosted boy kyle makin 1200hp for ever on ebay turbos never mind the rest of his cars/van
steinke24 پیش ماه
Chris you’re kinda being a dick
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