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Jacob Rohlinger
Jacob Rohlinger پیش ماه
Delete the pcv and run a filter on the valve cover
Gonzo Mason
Gonzo Mason پیش ماه
Makes adult decision *unsubscribes*
402CarKid پیش ماه
Guy: "The track is different yes" Chris on first run after slamming on brakes: "the track is different I didn't know it changed" 🤦‍♂️
MrGorpstine پیش ماه
Ruddy eying the 6uL good taste!
all the boost
all the boost پیش ماه
Bro that's the whole point of autocross... it's different every time because it's set up by cones.
xt fozzyy93
xt fozzyy93 پیش ماه
30psi u need a catch can Chris
kuchiki_inku پیش ماه
Chris got love bites 😂
alex g
alex g پیش ماه
you need tints on that beamer dood if you don’t go fuckboy dark ima be pissed
IMNOTA پیش ماه
Get a proper catch can that actually routes to pre-turbo intake so it has some vacuum to really prevent crankcase pressure.
R&Bs Garage
R&Bs Garage پیش ماه
My dude “unplugged” the Miata battery
Brody Heydon
Brody Heydon پیش ماه
Did anyone else know the track was different by the end of that clip
NL پیش ماه
dood the 949 6UL’s are such a dope wheel setup for the Miata and they’d even work good on the civic and crx too. definitely pick those up. they’re discontinued but one of the better wheels for those setups
Paul Rooms
Paul Rooms پیش ماه
what a bad liar , your mecanic did everything youre catch can is installed incorrectly it goes between pvc and intake manifold.
Mikey Jimenez
Mikey Jimenez پیش ماه
Another money hungry vid
roland hall
roland hall پیش ماه
Waky slay
Blake Graves
Blake Graves پیش ماه
autocross 101, show up early and walk the damn track. walk your line and find your brake zones and apexes.
james E
james E پیش ماه
I like the color or those wheels for Ricer
Shayne Lunam
Shayne Lunam پیش ماه
You need to bring back the kid that was always in your channel at first
neonboy26 پیش ماه
Another civic for sure
1000 FZR
1000 FZR پیش ماه
Nice to see the views are getting back to normal, hopefully you can hit 100k every video.
Henrik Folkesson
Henrik Folkesson پیش ماه
Freeze plugs has nothing to do with crankpressure, they protect your engine if the water freeze 😂😂
Sp0okyjim پیش ماه
Hey Chris, I just wanted to tell you that you’ve really kept in the car community. I’m so glad I found you a few years back. You are actually the reason why I like Miata. When I turn 16 I plan on getting me a Miata. Any like particular things I need to know about the Miata?
Jalen Bussell
Jalen Bussell پیش ماه
It’s like a civic but rwd
Brandon Aubert
Brandon Aubert پیش ماه
wipe the seal and make sure its leaking and not grease from a driveshaft or axle
Mr.Mister پیش ماه
"Mind you guys, this is a private road" lol
Ben Crosbie
Ben Crosbie پیش ماه
Have an AEM screen
Alex Assadi
Alex Assadi پیش ماه
Change the pcv valve for a 323 gtx one, the stock ones don’t stop positive boost pressure from coming into the valve cover, could be part of the crank case pressure problem.
Bob Saget
Bob Saget پیش ماه
is there not an alignment rack at HP? i mean i know time is money n stuff but alignments arent too long and im sure ruddy and jack have a deal
Automotive Anarchy
Automotive Anarchy پیش ماه
Hey Chris you really need to start checking the quality of the e85 you have in the tank lmao not every station has exact e85
Giovanni Iurilli
Giovanni Iurilli پیش ماه
The Yellow Miata is soo cool
Booty Muncher
Booty Muncher پیش ماه
That fucking “cam angle sensor” is getting to be a phrase in the videos
James Cook Jr.
James Cook Jr. پیش ماه
Chris put your damn bumper back on LOL 👍😃😜🤙🏽
Skyler Terry
Skyler Terry پیش ماه
We’re gonna keep the Miata not ignorant anymore
Silv3rdragonsz پیش ماه
I love that my guy Chris is right back ontop his content
Max Börjesson
Max Börjesson پیش ماه
First clip clutch slip is really obvious, has been for the past couple vids too. Upgrade, dont buy the same clutch
Rafa Navarro
Rafa Navarro پیش ماه
lol its autox bro . my club always changes the course every single time
illstylus پیش ماه
lol i race autocross too and ever week its completely different, i would love to see the excuses and faces of Ruddy running an wutocross around cones in a parking lot. shit would be fire
Backroad Bender
Backroad Bender پیش ماه
there be hella understeer cause its a drift setup
Backroad Bender
Backroad Bender پیش ماه
@illstylus well it is probably faster to get a little angle compared to understeering when you have a welded diff. It is probably better than an open diff at least
illstylus پیش ماه
welded diffs suck in autocross they push all day
Mihail Kolev24
Mihail Kolev24 پیش ماه
You need a slammed Volkswagen in your life
Ivan Garcia
Ivan Garcia پیش ماه
Great video
Addiction Motorsports
Addiction Motorsports پیش ماه
I’ve heard of people using Coca Cola to help clean discs and remove oil. You might research it a little. Couldn’t hurt
Candido Martinez
Candido Martinez پیش ماه
Blames cars for being a bad driver.
Jostein Carlsen
Jostein Carlsen پیش ماه
My friends Supra had the same problem, just in the front. Because he turned up his boost. He needed more ventilation, just like you do
Gage Hughes
Gage Hughes پیش ماه
Those wheels crack
Mike Schmidt
Mike Schmidt پیش ماه
when you break the driveterrain components do you plan on doing a bmw getrag or a zf trans?
illstylus پیش ماه
thats marcus pro 2 car now 4th gear entrys son
JC F30
JC F30 پیش ماه
Chris, are you going to the next event on the 12th?
Daniel Niemeier
Daniel Niemeier پیش ماه
Jordan doesn't know what he's talking about
Twins 300
Twins 300 پیش ماه
A wise man said once “if it ain’t broken don’t fix it” 🥸
Ex Gremory
Ex Gremory پیش ماه
Rudnick you should do a full restore on the ricermiata like the yellow miata
JDM-House پیش ماه
I hear you on the go pro being a POS to connect with phones, my hero 7 is a big steaming pile of shit it will crash when it feels like it sometimes wont even reset I have to wait until the battery dies since its not removable anymore. No clue how go pro is so popular but makes a garbage product that gives you a user experience similar to some shit from aliexpress.
Josh Kinney
Josh Kinney پیش ماه
Watch out for micro-cracks on those 949 6UL's, loooots of cracked wheels in HPDE/Track groups here in TX
VisualExotics پیش ماه
“Misfiring” proceeds to hit rev limiter! Not even mad. love this dude lol
Rampage پیش ماه
the rev limiter might clear it out you never know untill you tryed xD
charles lambert
charles lambert پیش ماه
You should go back to drifting and have fun , practice and get close to doors , you said the e36 was tooo easy but you never get confortable and drifted door to door
lee reilly
lee reilly پیش ماه
It's a hoopdie
StreetsPulse پیش ماه
I’m the only one who really prefers more the new more responsible Rudnick?🤷‍♂️
illstylus پیش ماه
@Michael Majchrowicz lol yep classic! the real reason he quit cause he was going to lose heinously which is ok because we all have to learn but the ego is fragile and excuses are easier than taking it to the chin.
Michael Majchrowicz
Michael Majchrowicz پیش ماه
More responsible?? IAC issues, clutch issues, no alignment which affects his handling, it looks like there’s a fire extinguisher just loosely chilling in his passenger seat along with other stuff and air fresheners... no tire gauge... it’s the rudnik we all know and love
Harold Hoyt
Harold Hoyt پیش ماه
Glad to see your making good decisions! Too much money into too nice of a build don’t ruin it! Maintenance your stuff and keep the whole fleet going! You got a great mechanic , and great drive! Nothing can hold you down bud! Stay off the bicycle and focus on your race car driving! But cage everything
Ingus Rezongs
Ingus Rezongs پیش ماه
He cant complain when car runs like shit, if he takes every shortcut on building it lol
Matthew Mcclintock
Matthew Mcclintock پیش ماه
Bro the Blue Berry Miata has so been slept on cause that car is so damn nice an looks sexy af I think you should do something to it and show it on the channel more
Matthew Mcclintock
Matthew Mcclintock پیش ماه
Sounded like a injector was sticking and loading a cylinder up with fuel
Terminal_Veloster پیش ماه
Yeah that vw? Definitely 4wd😂
Broke Miata
Broke Miata پیش ماه
That yellow Miata was giving me a boner as well.
stoned panda
stoned panda پیش ماه
Did anyone else have 6 ads to watch ruddy for 20 mins
Jason Embleton
Jason Embleton پیش ماه
Love them wheels
andy chapman
andy chapman پیش ماه
There's always blow by no matter what. And if the machine shop done there job then they would've built that engine with looser tolerances bc it was going to be running alot of boost
Jon Westfall
Jon Westfall پیش ماه
Driving like a bag of dicks.
Jeep 3377
Jeep 3377 پیش ماه
Orrrr, Chris probably beat the shit out of it for break in and now the rings probably aren’t seated correctly
03Trekker پیش ماه
I hope you see this so you maybe think it's a good idea - I know you say you want a Tesla but how sick would it be to find a wrecked Tesla and transfer all the batteries and the motor to a Miata?
Live the crazy life
Live the crazy life پیش ماه
We’re is ur woman
Alex Esparza
Alex Esparza پیش ماه
Plantation Beam dood
jeremey s.
jeremey s. پیش ماه
Bro just take care of everything while it’s out I know the oil pan is a pain just be safe
Dylan Furr
Dylan Furr پیش ماه
freeze plugs aren't affected by crank case pressure.
JDM پیش ماه
That can of break clean had some pressure
JDM پیش ماه
Why these guys don't have a gear box lift shits me
JDM پیش ماه
Ruddy should build a ls Miata
JDM پیش ماه
WelD some dash 10 bungs on the valve cover to a decent catch can, got eltric throttle body get rid of junk sendhand iacs
Brian Jamal
Brian Jamal پیش ماه
You're in Florida why you wearing face diapers?
Jordan Hardy
Jordan Hardy پیش ماه
Check the throttle body
Tweak back
Tweak back پیش ماه
Dude saying 60k M2 is not as cool ar boosted Miata respect.
Russco Aus
Russco Aus پیش ماه
Hi Chris great vid.😎✌
DORRO299 پیش ماه
Makes more safety
Lucas Natson
Lucas Natson پیش ماه
So where is SCAMBERTO? He got fired after shit show with chriss rb? Hes just gone lol
Mikey پیش ماه
It could very well be crankcase pressure, the PCV valves are pure junk and it’s common for them to fail so boost pressure leaks through into your cam cover pressurising the oil system. Blank the PCV, run both lines into a vented catch can and ideally have a small restricted line to turbo inlet to help draw pressure out (but as it’s filtered through the can you won’t get any oil misting your turbo).
Departed Gardens
Departed Gardens پیش ماه
Tom Holloway
Tom Holloway پیش ماه
Chris, you need to get involved in the Freedom 500 this year!!
Josh C
Josh C پیش ماه
Nah, Chris doesn't need to be involved in any accidents, he's lucky to be walking and able to drive as is..
Richard Charles
Richard Charles پیش ماه
Beatbox Miata
Brandon Garonzik
Brandon Garonzik پیش ماه
Crankshaft end play will cause the rear or front seal to fail easy thing to check , freeze plug may have over pressurized cooling system pcv pressure would never cause freeze plug to fail , and high boost will cause blow by give valve cover a larger vent have someone weld a -10 an to cover
PDuBz پیش ماه
your cars are never right start doing shit right lool !!!
Craig B.
Craig B. پیش ماه
Crankcase pressure doesn’t push out freeze plugs bro. The cooling system is supposed to be closed off from the crankcase.
Q پیش ماه
Shoulda brought the M2
Roflmfaoftw پیش ماه
your miatas are endless money pits lmao
WoodenDonkeyClub پیش ماه
Hey Chris. The m2 has launch control. Just sayin.
Jesse James
Jesse James پیش ماه
you should get the treasure coast miata hard top
Daniel Vennestrøm
Daniel Vennestrøm پیش ماه
Just grown up decisions today. Im amazed :D
Croc پیش ماه
You need to do the same kind of restoration on the SR Roadster as the yellow Miata at Treasure Coast. That thing is absolutely insane, so clean!
boosted hawkeye
boosted hawkeye پیش ماه
Are you sure you don't miss the rusted out junk box Miatas up here in New England lol what's even worse is the prices for them
Jesse James
Jesse James پیش ماه
should get alignment anyways. even if your racing. Its gonna mess with your times cause you will be fighting the steering wheel. Why so much understeer? lol.When I watched at 6:30. I Toad a so
Brad21117 پیش ماه
Hey mate there is one long hair on the side of your head it’s bugging me 😂👌🏼 in the begging of ya vid might be time for a hair cut love ya vids from down under
Scotties Lit
Scotties Lit پیش ماه
Should have taken the blueberry
Dr. Delusional
Dr. Delusional پیش ماه
Go build a big boy car and like Tommy would say throw that shit to the WOODS!!
Caleb Forehand
Caleb Forehand پیش ماه
This dude is clueless. I’ve never heard “maybe” so many times in 20 minutes. GET A CLUE!!
Michael Navarro
Michael Navarro پیش ماه
For a person that had broken limbs and went through so much. Bro. You are killing it. Yo mums is probably calling you every day to chill. But I’m sure the movement is good for you. But to a certain degree. I’m glad you’re getting stronger every day 👊🏻😊🇦🇺
Duane Bailey
Duane Bailey پیش ماه
What do I need an alignment for I'm going racing. Car proceeds to push like a dump truck lmao.
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