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Ricer Miata

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Tatum belt
Tatum belt پیش 26 روز
Top speed the Miata
Karl Travis
Karl Travis پیش ماه
See how Tommy copying boosted boiz same time you doing ricer civic up and going to woop his Bitch ass
tristan white
tristan white پیش ماه
My clutch is so tight it makes my leg shake sometimes 😂
Cody N
Cody N پیش ماه
Dude I’m drunk
Rossy Rocks
Rossy Rocks پیش ماه
I haven’t been watching as much lately but glad you’re doing good! Been really busy with work
Ace Of Hz
Ace Of Hz پیش ماه
What OGs remember big white though??
Deric McGuffie
Deric McGuffie پیش ماه
27lbs under 400wheel. K swap that bish
Kcberettam9ner پیش ماه
It just goes to show that you should not rely on people,s approval to feel good and have fun! This small light car with suspension mods! Car sure flyes!
Christian Thresher
Christian Thresher پیش ماه
The Torsen diff can hold up to 450whp and the 6-speed can hold about 75 more HP than the 5 speed but the 6 speed is not gonna hold 400 for very long. Youll probably blow it the first time you go out hooning for more than 5 minutes
Christian Thresher
Christian Thresher پیش ماه
What about Derek Rockwell with the 985hp miata motor?
Ashton Brown
Ashton Brown پیش ماه
Came to see a Miata slide but found the most obnoxious kid you see at car meets u just want to punch in the face
BowToBepis پیش ماه
what happened to big white
Evanisbeast48 پیش ماه
Crazy to think about how I’ve been watching your channel/haggard for atleast 6 years and I’d say Atleast 95% of the videos you have posted and I still see the Miata, always loved that car. Thanks for the content bro you’re killing!
Andre Blair
Andre Blair پیش ماه
I love the "felt good to me" 😅
Wyatt_cars پیش ماه
Dude gotta start callin people aggits again
It’s Stock Bro
It’s Stock Bro پیش ماه
Bro that r34 caught my eye the whole video 😍
MushroomTip پیش ماه
im here cuz adam lz mentioned dans rods and customs
Jon Dough
Jon Dough پیش ماه
😂😂 turbo @27psi and still has under 400
Ben Crosbie
Ben Crosbie پیش ماه
Could one of ye sit in the passenger seat
Deegan Seymour
Deegan Seymour پیش ماه
Use the gas’s for a big ass bonfire
jermoe پیش ماه
Its be so long since you brought this miata
RapperRepostSoundcloud 101
RapperRepostSoundcloud 101 پیش ماه
my miata does the same thing where it like chokes itself out can you tell me what it is rudnick
RapperRepostSoundcloud 101
RapperRepostSoundcloud 101 پیش ماه
but it only happens when i like try to spin 1st to 2nd it’s a 1.6
_OviedoBuilt_ پیش ماه
Youd get a lot more traction if you werent running a 195/45/15. Id say raise the rear a tad bit and try to fit 205/50 atleast
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 پیش ماه
He doesn't want more traction. that's the point of the car.He already has another Miata that's grip focused.
Jonny B
Jonny B پیش ماه
If you fill your truck tank with new fuel the old will burn away
Whynot ?
Whynot ? پیش ماه
He mustve got arrested cause no civic pulla video
Kristian Bourke
Kristian Bourke پیش ماه
With your tank in the back of the truck find mates that dayley a e85 car sell it to them cheap
Monte's station
Monte's station پیش ماه
15:50 ricer Miata calling Sammit out in a drift contest oh boy what’s up sammit 😭😭😭
Monte's station
Monte's station پیش ماه
12:30 damn okay so Jordan needs to be scared again yo Chris show him what you about man I’m tired of all this pitty patty make sure you put him in those seats and send derrr ⛽️😢🤣🤟🏾!!!!!!!!!!!!
MotorHigh پیش ماه
Lower rear tire pressure. put car on dyno. Strap car down. air the tires back up. ???? profit.
Luke McKenna
Luke McKenna پیش ماه
16:30 bad choice of words 😂
koolkev75 پیش ماه
Jordan keep it gangster 💀💀💀💀💀😂😂😂😂😂😂
koolkev75 پیش ماه
This video is funny as hell😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ryan KW
Ryan KW پیش ماه
Florida Big White
Cody Petrin
Cody Petrin پیش ماه
When’s the website going to be restocked? I’ve been trying to buy a couple of things now for a couple months.
Daniel Phelps
Daniel Phelps پیش ماه
sammit you know he dont want that smoke
Daniel Phelps
Daniel Phelps پیش ماه
i lied im gonna just watch your vid again and then go to samitts page for tha rawness
Daniel Phelps
Daniel Phelps پیش ماه
bro i look for you vids first . were u at chris ? i guess ill watch adam lz and then tommy in his jdm space. i like your jdm space better to be honest cause well you have a honda that u camery start hahah
Zack scott
Zack scott پیش ماه
Where the hell is Courtney?
Monjji Miataa
Monjji Miataa پیش ماه
chris laugh tho 😭😭
Benji Jackson
Benji Jackson پیش ماه
Jimmy Oakes getting double your views already .. he's doing something right
Hell yeah Brother
Hell yeah Brother پیش ماه
Where’s today’s video man?!?! 2/24
youbloodyrippa پیش ماه
16:30 is that what your girlfriend says
Capt. Angry Pirate
Capt. Angry Pirate پیش ماه
Excited to see Jordan’s Accord Fan of the F series.
B P پیش ماه
Bro he doesn't fit 😢
ethan stevens
ethan stevens پیش ماه
Should of took the trunk off
Johnny Chimpo
Johnny Chimpo پیش ماه
everyday at 4pm dood
Johnny Chimpo
Johnny Chimpo پیش ماه
@Ricer Miata everyday at 4pm dood
Ricer Miata
Ricer Miata پیش ماه
You try it let me know how it goes
Car Guy66
Car Guy66 پیش ماه
Jesus Rubdick, ur a thic boi now
Matthew Von Allmen
Matthew Von Allmen پیش ماه
I'm going with the accord over the civic in the race f series all the way
The End
The End پیش ماه
Don't fat shame matt, the guy seems genuine af, not worth mistreating people like that.
Mikey D
Mikey D پیش ماه
Lol mans dosent even have something fast and hes like thats it lololol
XrZLimko پیش ماه
Dude chill on the uploads i cant catch up im behind like 5 vids 😂
shecter2003 پیش ماه
Jordan is definitely a great addition to the crew. Great video as always!
elijah franklin
elijah franklin پیش ماه
the down low shot of matt in the trunk with his ears plugged should totally be on a t-shirt
Dalton Russell
Dalton Russell پیش ماه
Jordan Davies
Jordan Davies پیش ماه
Fix Jordan’s car ASAP should do challenges on who can do different stuff with a front wheel drive car
Ricer Caliber
Ricer Caliber پیش ماه
Jordan flaming Chris in the Ricer Miata and Chris pissed asf XD
Texan Eric
Texan Eric پیش ماه
I've been an accord boi myself for many years. I'm rooting for the turbo f22.
Hunter Childs
Hunter Childs پیش ماه
Where’s Roberto?
Brice Eddy
Brice Eddy پیش ماه
The 6speed is good for about 350ish anything more is kinda a time bomb if you do what you do in your car 😂🤙🏻
Jason Petrich
Jason Petrich پیش ماه
That will be cool to see Jordan's car on here,channel is doing awesome 👌.
Ryan Crow
Ryan Crow پیش ماه
Where's James? He's cool with his miata and abarth
TTv_Mclovinskatplnb پیش ماه
Glad i watched this
Jason Petrich
Jason Petrich پیش ماه
So now for the ricer to hook up you need to put a chevy ls block in the trunk!!!!, and it should put the power down and be real fast
Christian Berrios
Christian Berrios پیش ماه
Your true laugh is like squidward choking on the fork! Play the clip!
Ricer Caliber
Ricer Caliber پیش ماه
milesjr88 پیش ماه
i been watching your videos for years by far i love the ricer miata i cant believe all its been threw its still around
AndreLei1982 پیش ماه
“This is it?” Jordan cracks me up.
Bradleigh Morris Miles
Bradleigh Morris Miles پیش ماه
Where’s cortney
Gay Retard
Gay Retard پیش ماه
That dude trying to fit into the trunk(fat chance, pun intended.) who tf is that? Does Ruddy pay him to be around so there’s always a dude that’s fatter than he is? Lol. Jk jk, all love Rud. When I broke my leg I gained helllllla weight, you’ll slim back down in no time now that you’re able to actually be active. Remember to not go to hard on your knee/leg yet and end up re-injuring yourself. But yeah tell your boy to not be so shy so your fans can get to know him if he’s gonna be around so it doesn’t seem so awkward! Stay safe bro.
Toby Leve
Toby Leve پیش ماه
Just got my turbo Miata finished feels amazinf
Gay Retard
Gay Retard پیش ماه
“I got no rush.” -Crash Rodknock.
Brenden Wormi
Brenden Wormi پیش ماه
I’m gonna be honest Chris, because of you I got into the automotive trade and I always wondered for last 7 years of watching your channel how so much shit gets fucked up. But since being in the trade for 3 years now I completely get it.. keep up all that you do, it’s gotten me through a lot and shaped my life so thank you.
vic parm
vic parm پیش ماه
🕺🕺fat guy in a little trunk🎵
XxPablo808xX پیش ماه
12:10 When do a pull in my stock b series and ask my friend if it was fast.
Gary M
Gary M پیش ماه
Chris, you should make water sprayers like the Japanese drifters have to decrease wear on the tires
ClutchKickHERO پیش ماه
That black dude that helped is a black Orion.
ordeP Sama
ordeP Sama پیش ماه
diff housing
Corey Daley
Corey Daley پیش ماه
ruddy hella but hurt red in the face pissed lmfao! buddy just calling it how he sees it lmao
ChokoTB پیش ماه
@Thecarpassionchannel watching this after he went through various of diffs and transmissions be like 👁👃👁 no hard feelings bro I feel you.
Brother Built
Brother Built پیش ماه
I make 500 on 10psi a gt35r ebay turbo stock motor Jordan 300hp easy on
jakerson4 پیش ماه
Bring back will!!
RzRshRp 709
RzRshRp 709 پیش ماه
That injury was back in OCTOBER?! I thought that was like a month or two ago
powerhouse designs
powerhouse designs پیش ماه
I loved the vid bro it looked really good
Adam Thomas
Adam Thomas پیش ماه
I love how Jordan was unimpressed cause he's his miatas have lots of horsepower but sometimes ruddy acts like they are supercar f1 status but I get Jordan it wasn't moving anywhere just spinning also yeah for some reason you did get a little soft after the accident gotta get your wild ass hairs back
JANKY 510 پیش ماه
What happened to Orion and chow?
Alex Assadi
Alex Assadi پیش ماه
If you reinforce the ears on the aluminum cover of the diff it will probably be fine, also 6 speed is slightly stronger but above 300 Wtq even the 6-speeds reliability is questionable, the five speed will explode the question is just when. Maybe if there was a clutch delay valve like a lot of e36 and e46 use the 5 speed would last longer, not too sure.
Kaos Honey
Kaos Honey پیش ماه
Dude your losing focus what happened to no more shit boxes
Kramersklassykustoms پیش ماه
15:59 Courtney's same thoughts...
PositiveVibezzz پیش ماه
You should do a fat ass pull and eas in to the throttle and come to this road and floor it like there is no tommorow when you get into 4th
The JDM Space
The JDM Space پیش ماه
6 speed is known to be slightly stronger. Not much stronger though.
Jonski Gonski
Jonski Gonski پیش ماه
Dam leave big homie alone he doesn't fit in the trunk
Tommy Picklez
Tommy Picklez پیش ماه
Bro you need to fire Jordan asap doesn't bring good vibes at all #buzzkilla
Itsjohnny1515 پیش ماه
Local scrap yard or junk yard should take old gas
Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin پیش ماه
eBay Big White seems like an awesome guy tbh
954scrappy پیش ماه
whats his discord??????????/
LJmods پیش ماه
Last comment 15 hours later loool, you don’t know how good it feels for us seeing you be able to drive like that again man, we fucking back baby
Anthony yyy
Anthony yyy پیش ماه
"Just two fat men in a Miata" 😂😂😂
JDMAcura 603
JDMAcura 603 پیش ماه
I feel like the comments have got to Jordan. Hes acting like a cocky punk lately. Just my opinion
Coco پیش ماه
Where is Roberto ? I haven’t seen him in the shop at all!?
That Woo Woo
That Woo Woo پیش ماه
6 speed is good for about 300whp. More if it's babied.
TheFoxBodyRanger پیش ماه
Here watching everyday. Love the realness of the channel.
eric green
eric green پیش ماه
Just dig a big hole and dump the gas in it
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