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Ricer Miata

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Emerson C
Emerson C پیش ماه
Anyone notice the rpm guage go to 0 when flooring it????
Karl Travis
Karl Travis پیش ماه
The new ruders is sick stay on the boosted boiz path don't listen to Tommy the dick 😆
Ziyaad پیش ماه
Is the clearcoat gone on rudnicks truck
Christian Thresher
Christian Thresher پیش ماه
James Cook Jr.
James Cook Jr. پیش ماه
Chris run 235/50/15 you will get all the grip that’s what I run on my Miata 👍😎
Alex Wolfe
Alex Wolfe پیش ماه
Try it in 2nd and not 1st.
BiG Cheese
BiG Cheese پیش ماه
5:06 You got that right
Brent Bloom
Brent Bloom پیش ماه
Turbo geo days member bro
402CarKid پیش ماه
Build a 5 speed trans. The 5 speed ratios are prob better than 6 speeds for a turbo car. Less shifting.
402CarKid پیش ماه
Can you shift quicker at all? If you shift quicker or even get FFS it would help you out a lot.
402CarKid پیش ماه
Can't you just set up the 2 step or launch by speed?
Collin Klitz
Collin Klitz پیش ماه
I like the new wheel setup!
Brock Riley
Brock Riley پیش ماه
I swear I get dumber every time I watch one of Ruddy’s videos
Kaos Honey
Kaos Honey پیش ماه
You should stop wasting money and stressing about junk cars work on your evo/gtr sick of seeing these shit cars
Fatman Smokes
Fatman Smokes پیش ماه
Hell yah ruddy I just got my hat I’m the mail today super happy with the camo junk hat wish you could have signed it tho
polato777 پیش ماه
Rip 20 hp miata
Boosted Intentions412
Boosted Intentions412 پیش ماه
Chris ive been on a NA 5 speed at over 350 wheel hp for over a year. and the diff has never broke, its welded and plated housing 1.8 diff. at 420 wheel hp it breaks 5th gear instantly when it hits 30 psi I dont not baby the car at all
Chris Topher
Chris Topher پیش ماه
Who else thinks Chris should repaint the whole car and take off the stickers so it’s even cleaner
Ernie Carpenter
Ernie Carpenter پیش ماه
Your ankle doesn’t hurt when you’re driving because there’s not a lot of pressure on it😊👌
christian bell
christian bell پیش ماه
Sounds amazing
amber hunter
amber hunter پیش ماه
I can rebuild manuals. I've done myk20a2 and put a syncro kit in it. 6 months later and it no lift shifts like a beast. Before the rebuild it didn't no lift shift it would just grind. I'll do it. Cheap. My rebuild was 950 but I also had to replace 2nd gear. If the points are still good on all the gears I'd do just bearings and syncros. And No ebey stuff. Syncros are cheap and you can get away with just replacing thoes. But that's if it's just been grinding or locking you out. If it's kicking you from gears its a good chance the ring that slides on to the gear is messed up. Or an issue with a shiftfork.
Eluder Racing
Eluder Racing پیش ماه
good video!! I don't know if I missed something but what's up with you and Courtney? did she move home for good?
B P پیش ماه
Beatboxing yeaaaaaah
VIBY ClipZ پیش ماه
Where has missle been
Backroad Bender
Backroad Bender پیش ماه
put the steering wheel straight or 90 degrees bro
David Marcoux
David Marcoux پیش ماه
Whiteboard 👌🏻
Marc Juarez
Marc Juarez پیش ماه
I just got my hat that I ordered and I’m pretty disappointed on the shipping method. It was shipped in a bag which ultimately got crushed I’ve been watching you literally since day one I still support you but wtf is that dude I’ll always love youre vids man.
Johnny Chimpo
Johnny Chimpo پیش ماه
everyday at 4pm dood
Yuran Novoa
Yuran Novoa پیش ماه
“The whole world is uhh” - a stoner who loves to makes jokes but is also aware people are easily offended. Don’t be afraid to be yourself homie lmfao. It’s funny and it’s not genuinely directed toward anyone people gotta lighten up , hit the pen, pass it
Juju Gohard
Juju Gohard پیش ماه
Where is your girl?
Juju Gohard
Juju Gohard پیش ماه
Why did he fast forward the fly bye ?
meatloaf666999 پیش ماه
Bet the trans gives up first.
Chris Mclag
Chris Mclag پیش ماه
What happened to courtney and the dog did they break up with eachother. Ive not seen her in so long now
AnarchyArt پیش ماه
Orchestrate, its a musical/art term for: To plan or arrange. You're nearly there. Keep doing what you're doing.
NicksInTheZone پیش ماه
I wanna see the E36 get on a road course when it gets back together. Haha
that_guy_is_a_weirdo _
that_guy_is_a_weirdo _ پیش ماه
Your discrediting that diff a lot she'll hold stoo being s puss
No Guilt Smoking
No Guilt Smoking پیش ماه
"I signed up for street class" "Just going to drive there, I didn't sign up hopefully they let us in" Common guy we believe Grillo selling music "he made" more than you anymore.
JOE L پیش ماه
Zilo Jomazo
Zilo Jomazo پیش ماه
John and the crew are a great addition especially the outside filming and stuff with John
Austin Ranquist
Austin Ranquist پیش ماه
Time to tub the miatas rear end and put slicks on it
Justin Litz
Justin Litz پیش ماه
Now this is why I'm here so happy you got this back and traded off the new one. 2021!
Morgan Mayes
Morgan Mayes پیش ماه
This is 2021, use your staging brake and boost by gear.
Tyler Law
Tyler Law پیش ماه
momentary switch on steering wheel for launch control....
JZ Garage
JZ Garage پیش ماه
14:12 what’s up with the RPM gauge
daniel polivoda
daniel polivoda پیش ماه
It’s fooked my dude
Paul McGhee
Paul McGhee پیش ماه
The most wise thing Rudnik has ever said. "The whole world is soft."
Douggie Dowdall ki88
Douggie Dowdall ki88 پیش ماه
Look into a no lift system
Mind Jal
Mind Jal پیش ماه
Where's James though
Dan Cliffton
Dan Cliffton پیش ماه
what i learned from this video 1.chris can actually beat box a little 2. tires matter
JordanTheMechanic پیش ماه
For reference, I was referring to radials on a prepped drag strip when saying first gear would blow out.
Thump3r22 پیش ماه
the ricer has leveled up to the racer 😂
AldenG پیش ماه
So glad your back to matting clutches!!! Heal up well man
dave IIIBB
dave IIIBB پیش ماه
2021 orcanstraight or dye
Shawn Reynolds
Shawn Reynolds پیش ماه
Its got plates and it is registered fuck em bring the trailer 🤣🤣
Shawn Reynolds
Shawn Reynolds پیش ماه
Or bring Jordan a diff and tools 🔧 he will bang it out on the ground
Shawn Reynolds
Shawn Reynolds پیش ماه
Car is literally a whole new ANIMAL absolutely love it. Why do I think this would keep up with the roadster on same tires or at least keep up
Shawn Reynolds
Shawn Reynolds پیش ماه
Can we maybe get that video? Throw the 225s on rear of roadster and ricer and do a quick run? Or 2
Andre Blair
Andre Blair پیش ماه
Tesla's are sick 💯
Max black
Max black پیش ماه
Yu need to do a street run one night try find a few races / abit of street drifting !
Nathan Countyrman
Nathan Countyrman پیش ماه
Learn some new beats bro
Patrick Shane
Patrick Shane پیش ماه
It’s not working right cause you didn’t insert the Marcus “BOOST” clip
Tyler p71
Tyler p71 پیش ماه
Dude said fuck I don’t know if I can say that the whole world is soft I had to pause video video because I was dying laughing 🤣 🤣
James McDonald
James McDonald پیش ماه
john smith
john smith پیش ماه
don't be lying about that Miata there chris, everybody knows you rebuilt the ricer Miata for the third time to put in a IRpost giveaway drawing thing. You don't have to lie to kick it homie 👌
Erik D Media
Erik D Media پیش ماه
cod brenn123
cod brenn123 پیش ماه
that outside shot, that thing looked sooo fast lol
turbohayabusa01 پیش ماه
1:32 good man 😂
Summery Pond
Summery Pond پیش ماه
Personally I wouldnt put launch control on a drift car like ever
American Mechanic
American Mechanic پیش ماه
Would be cool to see you build 2 of the same car and have jordan drive one and chris drive the other.
Afton Wester
Afton Wester پیش ماه
Missing gears like a quir lmao fuck them softies
American Mechanic
American Mechanic پیش ماه
Buy an adapter kit and swap in a zf5 or zf6, toughest manual trans imo.
American Mechanic
American Mechanic پیش ماه
Its still spinning the tires with the 225's.
American Mechanic
American Mechanic پیش ماه
Practice makes perfect.
American Mechanic
American Mechanic پیش ماه
Jack is right with the perfect storm
American Mechanic
American Mechanic پیش ماه
Is that jack selling his utv in the background?
Majeztikz پیش ماه
I almost transferred to that Carmax
Sean Henderson
Sean Henderson پیش ماه
You're letting it hit limiter too long. If you just shifted at redline instead of letting it slap limiter it'd go faster almost guaranteed.
Silverboy005 پیش ماه
Just weld reinforcement plates on the ear dealios. It should last a while.
Removeable Skull
Removeable Skull پیش ماه
Isn’t the fc rx7 diff a simple swap in or is it the fd. Those got to be stronger than the 180 diff
Lars Erik Grindvold
Lars Erik Grindvold پیش ماه
#trackstancelife 😛
Ivan Garcia
Ivan Garcia پیش ماه
Great video
Shinigami x
Shinigami x پیش ماه
you need better motor mounts
Kuldeep Giri
Kuldeep Giri پیش ماه
Could have loaded it with the brake
Pedro Rodrigues
Pedro Rodrigues پیش ماه
stop with beatbox pleeeeeease!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shawn Fields
Shawn Fields پیش ماه
Why Chris😡
BassManBobBassCovers پیش ماه
4.4 seconds is a serious 0-60
Glewbert پیش ماه
Bro relax you were gonna do an autocross event today??? What's good with your leg homie
Dxz3 پیش ماه
i’d love to see some drag racing content. it’d be cool if you did a series on a budget drag race build and tried to get into the 10’s. something like that!
908wrx 908lgt
908wrx 908lgt پیش ماه
Sometimes watching Rudnick is a little like watching Michael Scott on the Office.. but it’s totally fine... its hilarious, and Ruddy does mean well.. it’s just too perfect. Oh and fuck Tesla
Kyle Phillips
Kyle Phillips پیش ماه
I know it’s the ricer Miata but it would be sick if Chris actually made it nice with some new seats and a paint job and fixed up the body kit
Retrobrunk پیش ماه
Hahaha all the spit at 16:00😂
DaCosta King
DaCosta King پیش ماه
If you break stuff y not replace it with parts that can handle the power i know youre limited transmission wise but im sure theres rear end options
Darren Haran
Darren Haran پیش ماه
At 0:33 you sounded so Irish lol🇮🇪
boxol29 پیش ماه
"But when i'm driving, I don't feel any pain", me too bro, me too.
AudibleVisible پیش ماه
Copywritten 😭😂
Christopher 1995
Christopher 1995 پیش ماه
Kris u should put a twin turbo LS 3 motor in the roster
Kanto پیش ماه
why are the outside shots looking so poor compared to the gopro?
Cencal nik
Cencal nik پیش ماه
Why not launch it in 2nd.
ComicaL ShoTz
ComicaL ShoTz پیش ماه
Get a chalk pen n u write the things u need on windshield of car👌
Robin Tenghult
Robin Tenghult پیش ماه
start in second? :/
Robin Tenghult
Robin Tenghult پیش ماه
not becuse its better i just wanna see xD
DoeBoy 407
DoeBoy 407 پیش ماه
Can you just throw a sequential in the ricer already, or even baby rocket
Alex C
Alex C پیش ماه
You should do 20mph to 70mph times as 0-60 is too reliant on your launch (usually from an uneven road surface)
justinviggz پیش ماه
build a trans bruh :)
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