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Ricer Miata

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AntiCarClubCarClub پیش 20 روز
Every rose has its thorns
Pasquale Accettola
Pasquale Accettola پیش 22 روز
Why does everyone talk so much shit about you? I wouldn’t do that...
Kolapo DaSilva
Kolapo DaSilva پیش 23 روز
So confused how he keeps winning his class without really following racing lines or apexing corners. Keep it up, I guess?
Swish856 پیش 24 روز
Biden didnt raise gas prices
Mark Caragine
Mark Caragine پیش 25 روز
You can only use launch control once and then u have to let it cool down, that’s why after every run it would start to work because it cooled off😂😂 u can activate the launch control multiple times but if u actually engage it you have to wait a few minutes to activate it again
juelz santana
juelz santana پیش 26 روز
Spicy Mayo with the sushi
402CarKid پیش 27 روز
So much for a m2 competition 🙄. Crazy how poorly it handles from factory when it's supposed to be a car you take to the track. Still love the cars regardless. You also should just learn to take a breather when you get frustrated because it won't help you drive any better. In fact you'll usually make more mistakes. Wooosaaaahhhh! Trust me I have a big anger problem.
True north boyz
True north boyz پیش 27 روز
Mk7 gang ⛽
KrimzonGuardian X
KrimzonGuardian X پیش 28 روز
Your launch control could have a timer set to it in the factory settings, my friend had a focus RS and after a short while it would switch itself off automatically so I’d look into maybe setting launch control JUST before it’s your turn to start your lap
Thomas Strickland
Thomas Strickland پیش 29 روز
youre taking more time in turns than roadster i noticed that. probably body roll causes that. maybe stiffer springs might help. if not then its just too heavy lol
Mike Claridge
Mike Claridge پیش 29 روز
How much where you letting it cool down if it got below a certain temp launch control my no engage as normally has to be above the preseg temp befor can use launch control chur chur
T L پیش 29 روز
Daven Buteau
Daven Buteau پیش 29 روز
4 launch control you got to hold the brake all the way and floor the gas all the way
Johnny Chimpo
Johnny Chimpo پیش 29 روز
1:40 check out how hungry the guy in the back looks.
Johnny Chimpo
Johnny Chimpo پیش 29 روز
Ricer Miata isn't going to post today. He is now going to upload everyday at 4pm dood.
Big Bank
Big Bank پیش ماه
Trey Sommer
Trey Sommer پیش ماه
You have to win both Chris!!!!! All In one night!!! Keep killing it bro!!!!
thirdeyevision11 پیش ماه
Chris sounded like Jesse from nelk when he says "eeeeehhhhh I can never wear whiiiiteeee"
Leotheleprachaun پیش ماه
Back in Florida for like 2 months, already wearing full black with a hoodie and a toque.
Corey Hojewski
Corey Hojewski پیش ماه
Need to do custom piping need to get the pipes out of the wheel wells
Lennart Hedström
Lennart Hedström پیش ماه
Sell the BMW its sitz
Swainer Lad
Swainer Lad پیش ماه
Is Chris not with Courtney anymore 😭😭😭
Peter Balotti
Peter Balotti پیش ماه
Just copped a hoddie 🔥- cb7luvr92
Krzysztof Cygan
Krzysztof Cygan پیش ماه
Try winter tire grip spray.
Ozan LB
Ozan LB پیش ماه
Cant compare the m2 and roadster on that track m2 weighs 550kg+ more than the roadster and there similar in power
Slug boi
Slug boi پیش ماه
you should start racing go karts perfect for practice.
trey patunas
trey patunas پیش ماه
Come play kuitar hero tonight
AudibleVisible پیش ماه
Some of Your lines are ass tbh
AudibleVisible پیش ماه
Wtf is Qatar hero
slim pickens
slim pickens پیش ماه
Dropping winter much when winter is over , genius
Zachary Trent
Zachary Trent پیش ماه
Take a slower car next time and work on your racing line. Enter that first hairpin wide and take a late apex.
Alex Tongue
Alex Tongue پیش ماه
Hey Chris, I’m about to be swapping my miata and doing a sr20, could you give me any helpful parts ideas or the issues you ran into etc
Ian Eickel
Ian Eickel پیش ماه
Gas be 3.55 in mi too
P Mrt
P Mrt پیش ماه
Take the hardtop off for Autocross.
vinny santos
vinny santos پیش ماه
chris talk about the rpm act. every car youtuber needs to work together to take our redlines back.
Bmw 335i
Bmw 335i پیش ماه
You were having that issue with the M2 because the car only allows you to launch it once every few minutes
R&Bs Garage
R&Bs Garage پیش ماه
“Yo, thanks Biden” 😂🇺🇸
spencer15898 پیش ماه
Chris you should for sure have a better attitude when it comes to this stuff. Things break and you should of known that after the first run when you heard it scrape. Im just saying be more positive. I understand you are going through pt which is stressful all in itself so I can understand. I also wish you just had a better attitude in general. You should start trying to be humble for sure. But like I said it's hard for all that shit. But you can do it. Also you always make a small problem a big deal. Can kinda be annoying to watch sometimes. And also you should watch someone do the layout so you can take the first hairpin wider and not be so close on the inside. Chris been subbed since day one. Been watching since the very first vid. I just hope you can be more humbling towards other people not saying names.
Kay Bee
Kay Bee پیش ماه
deff better driver then tommy hehehhehe
grigas003 پیش ماه
he seems to have forgotten everything since last season
Kay Bee
Kay Bee پیش ماه
m2 is too fast for that track
pob000 پیش ماه
Aren't beanies out of season
Harley Ross
Harley Ross پیش ماه
That first corner is so cringe man go wider
Tha DiZZo
Tha DiZZo پیش ماه
"Thanks Biden" lol
Rob Semple
Rob Semple پیش ماه
Still no sign of Courtney.... 🤔😂
Dylan_ Ms3
Dylan_ Ms3 پیش ماه
Mazdaspeed miata
Sammy Aparicio
Sammy Aparicio پیش ماه
!!!!!!!!Every one be careful ab the rp act !!!!!!!!!
That's that rodnock luck again!
Fuzion180 پیش ماه
Notorious bmw launch control issues
Thathondadude پیش ماه
Rodknock man shed some light on the rpm act get the word out to some of your subs so we can save our ability to drive badass cars 💪🏻
Noah Kretchek
Noah Kretchek پیش ماه
i think everyone should here it from you and itsjusta6 is talking about it
Noah Kretchek
Noah Kretchek پیش ماه
i think you should talk ab what’s going on with all the shops and the law
Ray پیش ماه
Jordan's the smart one wearing the mask. And rudnick Biden has zero to do with gas, it's your stupid trump loving state. Im paying $2.60/gal for 93 octane in Delaware. You are the last person who should ever talk politics.
James Cook Jr.
James Cook Jr. پیش ماه
Chris you need to run your intercooler pipping on the inside of your frame rail to keep your tire from caching your tire that’s how I did my Miata 👍😊
Phil Parrotta
Phil Parrotta پیش ماه
Factory alignment!? Maybe change it up?
Tony Murdoch
Tony Murdoch پیش ماه
It’s okay I just bought a mk5 gti 2 days ago, shit already broke 🥲
Mike crystal robert
Mike crystal robert پیش ماه
We’re did u learn to drive .........gta5
Hahaha, 3.53 for premium....come where I am, 4.30 for premium
That Honda Guy
That Honda Guy پیش ماه
Learn left foot braking and that will help in the corners.
Dalton B
Dalton B پیش ماه
Ur lines are ass ruddy practice using up all that track!
Chuck Grimsey
Chuck Grimsey پیش ماه
Why didn’t you ask someone for a tire pressure gauge?
Justin Harmon
Justin Harmon پیش ماه
Please make a video about the epa
Ethan Costinos
Ethan Costinos پیش ماه
remember, smooth is fast
switch gaming
switch gaming پیش ماه
I love the sounds that come out of the M2. 😍
Eurotrash Garage
Eurotrash Garage پیش ماه
Racing line bro come on .
WicKedwiNd91 پیش ماه
Like I said. Should have bought a AMG!
Jamie Hamm
Jamie Hamm پیش ماه
Little Ruddy all gripped up!! I'm so proud (lol) For real though, cool to see the Ricer with the M2Comp!! Channel has come a long way from Haggard days!
Singularity_SgrA پیش ماه
Your driving lines are horrible.
phil friesen
phil friesen پیش ماه
Need to build a sim cuz you need some practice lol
Dylan Turner
Dylan Turner پیش ماه
You need to bring miatas to the dragon on week day not a weekend Monday would be the best
Dro1trace پیش ماه
Thanking Joe for taking away your IRpost career🤣🤣
zeroblackdeath 13
zeroblackdeath 13 پیش ماه
1:33 America right there at it's finest
TheVanquishedGaming پیش ماه
what size are you running in the front? id say go down a bit, if you're on 225s go for a 205 or 195 front. this might be the easiest fix instead of rerouting the intercooler piping or getting custom pipes made.
Harvey G
Harvey G پیش ماه
From the video perspective, it looks like you could took closer to the outside cone which will allow you to go slower into the corner and faster out. Not saying this is the case with you, but from the video it looks like you need to go wider at certain points.
Dylan Turner
Dylan Turner پیش ماه
I need one them junk beanies
Callum Baker
Callum Baker پیش ماه
Ruddy, you do make yourself look like a bit of idiot sometimes 🤦🏼‍♂️😂😂
alejandro tovar
alejandro tovar پیش ماه
Roadster is a wild cat
alejandro tovar
alejandro tovar پیش ماه
That bmw sucks sorry Chris
Tavian Scharf
Tavian Scharf پیش ماه
*maybe launch control wouldn’t work because of low tire pressure but after a run the tires warmed back up and got an acceptable tire pressure so launch started working again*
Tyler Dalton
Tyler Dalton پیش ماه
Where’s Courtney??
Andrew Allen
Andrew Allen پیش ماه
i still dont understand why you keep selling the same merch design basically, other then i think it was the last drop with the couple different designs, idk why people would keep buying the same design over again, you got to get creative lol
adam theiss
adam theiss پیش ماه
M2 needs camber in the front
J-Palms Adventures
J-Palms Adventures پیش ماه
Autocross the crx, light and nimble like a Miata
Jamo Lepley
Jamo Lepley پیش ماه
I feel like you're my special gifted little brother. it'll get better little guy poor Chris
Bobby Roth
Bobby Roth پیش ماه
B.....M........W 🗑
gas gang
gas gang پیش ماه
On ya ass🤣
cod brenn123
cod brenn123 پیش ماه
Ah yes the good ol Porsche straight 6. Walks all over bmws flat 6 engines.
Integra DIY
Integra DIY پیش ماه
BMW has straight 6, Porsche has flat 6..
mike eddy
mike eddy پیش ماه
So much body roll in the BMW
Dizzy Rider
Dizzy Rider پیش ماه
Dude. Don’t get distracted. Stick to JDM.
Dizzy Rider
Dizzy Rider پیش ماه
Dude. Stick to the Roadster(my choice) /MX5 /Miata. You know it makes sense for this.
King Cuhhh
King Cuhhh پیش ماه
Honestly if you lower the boost a little in the roadster and keep the car in the higher revs you should be okay but who knows 🤷🏽‍♂️
gate access
gate access پیش ماه
if it that essential for the intercooler piping to stay in one place for tire clearance, YOU HAVE TO ADD a tab to the pip that allows it to bolt to cars frame rail like oem charge pipes do. this will prevent twisting or movement in the pipes placement. keeping it exactly where the tire needs it..
Jake Cummings
Jake Cummings پیش ماه
Move your intercooler. mid mount
SCJ Diving
SCJ Diving پیش ماه
Slow is fast!
RyanHarleyy پیش ماه
You should try make a AWD Mx5 that’s if it’s even possible
slowin_slowout پیش ماه
u absolutely push miatas to its limits. it gives us normal people who has a miata the motivation keep pushing and never give up on a trophy
Spank Themonkey
Spank Themonkey پیش ماه
@Ricer Miata does the track have laser sensor to start and stop the clock when you cross the starting line or the finish line. Is possible if not then maybe someone hates BMW because to me the BMW looks faster than the roadster
Hunter Childs
Hunter Childs پیش ماه
Guitar hero world tour had the drums and the mic
ZaneMasterX پیش ماه
You want some actual advice that you dont want to hear? Stop half assing everything you do. You dont need 5 miatas my dude. Sell 2 and make at least 2 or 3 of them NICE. You want to win things? You have to have your equipment dialed in. If you went 75% of what Tommy does to vehicles you would win at these events almost every single time. Youre letting your haggard past handicap you. Be more like tommy and less like haggard garage and youll excel.
travonte sturgeon
travonte sturgeon پیش ماه
Mid mount intercooler
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