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Chris Rudnik P.O. Box 212294, Royal Palm Beach Fl, 33421
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Gareth Carpenter
Gareth Carpenter پیش 28 روز
Dude get one of those fake exhaust flame kits for one of the cars would be lit to see on your channel lol
Pharaoh on LFS
Pharaoh on LFS پیش ماه
"The most legit 'unlegit' car ever". So true.
Dawson Card
Dawson Card پیش ماه
Don't junk the civic I love that car I lettely waited for this video for months now
david henderson
david henderson پیش ماه
You should either turbo or supercharge the E36
Tyrin Franzen
Tyrin Franzen پیش ماه
No c
lucas trudel
lucas trudel پیش ماه
Favourite car!
Yeet Cannon
Yeet Cannon پیش ماه
the gai is increasing on this channel
Mason Weitala
Mason Weitala پیش ماه
gets out of his truck with a white claw lmfao god I love Florida
JDMricist پیش ماه
Ooooo a bonus clip! You should always have a little "clip after the video" like you mentioned at the end. It could be really cool/funny and it could be a new thing of the channel!
David Jumper
David Jumper پیش ماه
Not hitting vtec bro check the solenoid and harness
RedogZuk پیش ماه
Where the hell is Roberto BTW ????🙃
Winston Pratt
Winston Pratt پیش ماه
Same here on beer but it was more like 32-35 ish I started to like it. And now I just drink black coffee with sugar
SkaterBoiiChris پیش ماه
It's the engine smoking the guy who sold it knew
Jack Wood
Jack Wood پیش ماه
Dude if u let the thing warm up it'll stop burning oil and smoking 🤦‍♂️
Will Sullivan
Will Sullivan پیش ماه
The trick that worked for me was to drink enough beer to not taste anymore. Literally speaking as well as figuratively (cough* my taste in women when I have a high BAC % *cough)
FijiBlueFg2 پیش ماه
Bro my buddy found his og hagard landyard white and mint green thing brings back memories
KingofBS پیش ماه
Starbucks Nitro black coffee is FIRE!!
chris merrinier
chris merrinier پیش ماه
I hated beer and black coffee till I turned 20 😂
Maverna پیش ماه
Dude Starbucks is junk. Should try to find a local coffee shop
teamcarp1 پیش ماه
Iced coffee😂😂😂😂
Angelo Brignoli
Angelo Brignoli پیش ماه
Could also be the valves...
Travis Ryerson
Travis Ryerson پیش ماه
Without the speedo working vtec eill not engauge that car should shread off the tires
Michael پیش ماه
why does skinny Chris look like a Xanax dealer?
Johnny Chimpo
Johnny Chimpo پیش ماه
everyday at 4pm dood
Roach Coach
Roach Coach پیش ماه
My first aem wideband did that
5ThGeaRedLined پیش ماه
At least get cream in ur coffee, you need Calcium for your bones dood
Tim St.denis
Tim St.denis پیش ماه
"oh my God I think I'm growing up"
jack hardy
jack hardy پیش ماه
Just watched a video of you trying to make grillo look a mug lost respect for you cocknikk
NastyNilla پیش ماه
Bro make sure u sync the timing on the engine to ecu
It's Nate
It's Nate پیش ماه
you have to get cold brew, its not acidic and wont give you heart burn! and its stronger !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
eric denison
eric denison پیش ماه
If it’s a boosted gsr 300hp should be easy something is definitely goin on
Kyle Tighe
Kyle Tighe پیش ماه
Keep the rice civic
Christian_Dunce پیش ماه
Vtec is not hitting at all js
Peppe Söderlund
Peppe Söderlund پیش ماه
Tell Matt to hit me up and il fix a tune for his Saab for free!
Jasmin پیش ماه
Crx need that thing
Forest Spirits JDM
Forest Spirits JDM پیش ماه
Sounds like no vtec on top of being lean
Marc garage
Marc garage پیش ماه
Did you put the spider washer between the fuel rail and the feed using the wrong washer can cause fuel pressure drop
660 Skeetoutlaws
660 Skeetoutlaws پیش ماه
c0dyxo پیش ماه
never really comment on the video but wanted to say that Jordan is a great addition to the channel. loving the content with him
SteveBMX01 پیش ماه
Jack always cracks me up
Kurtis Riley
Kurtis Riley پیش ماه
You need to reel in a lot slower. Nothing a fish eats moves that fast in the water and they like Naw u fake
Gotti's Garage
Gotti's Garage پیش ماه
Hey Chris, I sent you a dm on instagram gram about buying your civic when you yank the gsr out. Hmu
Ricer Integra
Ricer Integra پیش ماه
A nice buff will make that civic look clean 👌
Ricer Integra
Ricer Integra پیش ماه
Gotta fill the top of that windshield with stickers 🤙
Chopstix Productions
Chopstix Productions پیش ماه
Sounds like you have no vtec bud
trey patunas
trey patunas پیش ماه
Jack’s face of shear disappointment at 11:01 😂😂
Robert SHEARER پیش ماه
Every time he takes a sip he gags and then he brings the whole thing backs and ditched it i don't think he likes black coffee 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Patrick Shane
Patrick Shane پیش ماه
Please tell me you still have the og cd in the civic
AllGreens پیش ماه
I will always be a fan of the B series. Ricer civic lookin sick !
Tony Lucero
Tony Lucero پیش ماه
Oil on acceleration, engine blow by Oil on deceleration turbo
NASTI پیش ماه
Oh the real fans kno your not a scammer chris keep moving forward lol
NASTI پیش ماه
Grillo feels it would be better if you didn't kno...wtf friends your whole life and kid almost ruined your career...im sorry bro but don't ever help him again...theres plenty of honest people to help grow or even just be friends with..FREINDS THAT CARE DO NOT LIE...AT ALLLL
NASTI پیش ماه
Wow I just saw the deleted video with Grillo lying about his music...bro he is a liar and always has been he fucked over onion..he has lied and caught himself out on your videos for years.i live in CT and have been told Grillo has been a sketchy liar trying to make himself look better because he has low self asteem...he lied so much in this video its scary..I would never trust that kid again.....
Don Ali
Don Ali پیش ماه
You only like black coffee cause you a crackhead for caffeine
Rok Grubelnik
Rok Grubelnik پیش ماه
R: U think im growing up? J: ... No 😂🤣🤣
McHippo2710 پیش ماه
please don't destroy the civic, someone will restore it
FishingWithImmer پیش ماه
Hej dude When youre fishing from the bank keep the rod tip closer to the surface or else the lure will go to High in the water😁 keep on with the fishing content you are getting there😁🎣🎣
Rasta Nate
Rasta Nate پیش ماه
*oh my god, I think I’m growing up* hahahaha man that made my day
Vinny T.Lopez
Vinny T.Lopez پیش ماه
James told cleetus yesterday if it doesnt smoke at idle and does it on deceleration its the turbo
Sonic_fg4 پیش ماه
This car should make 350 on 12psi all day long
that ek dude
that ek dude پیش ماه
Dude why wouldn't you clean up that engine bay before you put that motor in that power plant is deserving of a clean home. Also keep the hood exit there's nothing like huge flames popping in your face when you're doing a buck 40 down the interstate!!
Van TheHondaCarAudioMan etc
Van TheHondaCarAudioMan etc پیش ماه
I really want the shell if your scraping her ill save her
stevenbasshead17 پیش ماه
Word to the wise smoke on deccel is turbo. Rings would smoke taking off.
Patrick Verrett IPhotoG
Patrick Verrett IPhotoG پیش ماه
If it was the motor it would be smoking on idle right? Otherwise it’s probably turbo
Ethan Rainsford
Ethan Rainsford پیش ماه
Love the way this car was with the d16 turbo but now with the b18c its just gonna be sick really want to see something donw with this car even if it gets swapped to a d series and put back on nos creating a spanky 2.0 or spankys revenge
Taylor miner
Taylor miner پیش ماه
Desell smoke is normally turbo
D Kusiq
D Kusiq پیش ماه
You ever look at the NA miatas and say damn that thing looks ugly
Poppin Blisters
Poppin Blisters پیش ماه
Next up. Cold brew.
yannick darlington
yannick darlington پیش ماه
The ricer civic should live on !!!
Pedro Rodrigues
Pedro Rodrigues پیش ماه
Pedro Rodrigues
Pedro Rodrigues پیش ماه
take it down
No Guilt Smoking
No Guilt Smoking پیش ماه
Lmfao, theres no fuel pump in the car it's running off gravity pressure.
No Guilt Smoking
No Guilt Smoking پیش ماه
Is the turbo spooling?
Thumbii پیش ماه
If this hoopty beats the SAAB then there's something wrong with the SAAB, just sayin'.
Patrick پیش ماه
Iced black coffee one pump of liquid sugar
Eric Nelson
Eric Nelson پیش ماه
oil smoke on decell, it is the turbo. rings would smoke all the time
Rubber ducky
Rubber ducky پیش ماه
Drink black coffee with a little bit of sugar
CoJack Kade
CoJack Kade پیش ماه
Black cold brew all the way.
SuPrAmAd101 پیش ماه
11:20 That Chris/Kris is literally the whitest guy ive ever seen.
SuPrAmAd101 پیش ماه
@Lightskinn Adam makes 90’s Eninem look normal 😂
Lightskinn Adam
Lightskinn Adam پیش ماه
Yea he definitely gives tweaker vibes
Chris Aracena
Chris Aracena پیش ماه
Your not growing up the black coffee from Starbucks is fire
Dxz3 پیش ماه
it’s the turbo man.
Jacob C
Jacob C پیش ماه
11:50 Walmart Jessie from fast and furious
Rob Kobiloinsky
Rob Kobiloinsky پیش ماه
Get a caramel latte
Rob Kobiloinsky
Rob Kobiloinsky پیش ماه
I think im growing up 🤔🤣
RNR Performance
RNR Performance پیش ماه
Vtec is not working
Andre Blair
Andre Blair پیش ماه
Hiring Jordan was such a good decision 💯 Cool dude, not a f**k around, and keeps it real.. what more could you ask for 🤔
Raks Paks
Raks Paks پیش ماه
dam that led light having its own party overthere
Dank Meme Scouts
Dank Meme Scouts پیش ماه
Yoooo where is SCUMBURTO????? We haven’t seen him in so long
Departed Gardens
Departed Gardens پیش ماه
Giovanni Iurilli
Giovanni Iurilli پیش ماه
The civic takes me to the good old haggard days
Mike Mutton
Mike Mutton پیش ماه
Did the other chris drive up drinking a white claw?
Damn, I remember SAMMIT fishing there last year
James Walker
James Walker پیش ماه
Ya so that whole liking beer in your late 20s isn't true.
Call Carlos (Loz customs) and give him the shell, he loves the river civic
Austin Nichols
Austin Nichols پیش ماه
I’d 1000% buy that shell when your done with it! Don’t scrap it!
gate access
gate access پیش ماه
fuel pump wiring upgrade
Ryker پیش ماه
Jordan should stay on the channel
Ex Gremory
Ex Gremory پیش ماه
Rudnick if your gonna junk it give it to Carlos
Jesse Crichton
Jesse Crichton پیش ماه
Pulls like a tuned d16
Daniel W124
Daniel W124 پیش ماه
1:45 wait what? How old is Sammit?
AaronBonBarron پیش ماه
When dude was at WOT and the AFR gauge read 15
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