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Ricer Miata

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If you guys want to send me anything you can do so here :)
Chris Rudnik P.O. Box 212294, Royal Palm Beach Fl, 33421
Check out treasure coast for all your Miata needs!!!
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Maiken Pham
Maiken Pham پیش 15 روز
Sell me those drop control arms pls thx
Oliver Kus
Oliver Kus پیش 25 روز
Cut ypur rear lower control arms 10mm - 20mm
562Frank Rivers
562Frank Rivers پیش 28 روز
You should have a Miata for every type of build
turbocivic86 پیش ماه
Raise the rear a bit
Dan Chave
Dan Chave پیش ماه
Loving the new miata! That power steering line though, if you ain't gonna move it, but some thermo protection on it!
ChokoTB پیش ماه
OG Ricer Civic days, smoking the whole road with this piece, haha
CBC Built
CBC Built پیش ماه
Lifted Camry , purple civic shit box. Those were the days
S LK پیش ماه
Chris buy one of these at 2:55 and start doing 'magic' to it.. its a fun car
Nick Cleary
Nick Cleary پیش ماه
is this stone bags ?
Scotts car films
Scotts car films پیش ماه
Screw the side skirts looks better without. Simple and effective. Shout-out if u use this dam it ❤️😂😂
91_driftmissile_miata پیش ماه
Wait do those wheels on the new yata have j lips on them
Scotts car films
Scotts car films پیش ماه
So farking good that you're back bro!! Proper ways !!
Alicia Wainwright
Alicia Wainwright پیش ماه
Dose anyone know what happen to Courtney
MUNDO’s World
MUNDO’s World پیش ماه
Chris is baked
firstname lastname
firstname lastname پیش ماه
Tucked rims 🤢
StaxxxCmd پیش ماه
Those rear fenders are rolled
Colyers پیش ماه
I'll never understand why people think stretching is cool.
Northeast Subie
Northeast Subie پیش ماه
Chris if your SSRS are 9.5 wide a 225 might be what you’re looking for that’s perfect for slight stretch hope that helps 10 wide maybe still a 225 or next size up
jiggyretrokidd پیش ماه
Please keep Jordan on your channel it would be a sin to let him go 😂
kshepthedrummer پیش ماه
Taylor Ray runs 205/50/15s a lot and they work great for him. Plenty of grip with his over 500hp V8.
brodrdude -
brodrdude - پیش ماه
If its easier to just float the gears and rev match so you dont have to use the clutch as much
Garrettvsgames پیش ماه
anyone know what bov he has on the ricer miata?
Robert Keeton
Robert Keeton پیش ماه
One thing that would be REALLY cool would be to swap a J32A2 with a CD009 into a Miata. It would be alot of fun on it's own, but you can turbo them fairly easily ,and they're capable of a TON of power.
jeremy martin
jeremy martin پیش ماه
Need to put the fast back top on tha stance boi
David Marcoux
David Marcoux پیش ماه
Keep that key for ever.
Ryan Glynn
Ryan Glynn پیش ماه
Don’t drift on $3000 wheels if you’re worried about them getting debeading?? Love you Chris but you’re not built for the hot boy lifestyle 😂😂
Thomas Strickland
Thomas Strickland پیش ماه
I think youll have to use 225 on those wheels not 215 lol. 16x10 is too wide. 16x8 is enough for 205-225.
Jacob Hessler
Jacob Hessler پیش ماه
What engine build kit did you and Sam use on the Miata engines? I'm looking build a motor for road course racing and like how both of yours turned out!
Jon Thoma
Jon Thoma پیش ماه
Have harvey make a air intake tube from the turbo inlet to somewhere so it can breath fresh air
Thefate پیش ماه
K I may not be first one too comment this but onion took the OG haggard account and fuc*ed it into a gaming channel BS gaming wth is that ?
Mark Storer
Mark Storer پیش ماه
Chris mate, if you are serious about improving your drift skills do yourself a favour....Sell the $3k wheels, go 15s on all the drift cars and save yourself a shitload of$$$ on tyres over the drift season as they are way cheaper and also then interchangeable........also set both cars up the same suspension/stance wise so both cars feel and act/drift the same way...
Zac Cam
Zac Cam پیش ماه
Are you going to address the EPA overreach on your channel?
Austin Barnes
Austin Barnes پیش ماه
One Miata Two Miata, Red Miata Blue Miata
Vertex Arcade
Vertex Arcade پیش ماه
park all those junkpiles and take the EVO out
Patrick N-R
Patrick N-R پیش ماه
You should hard mount the top on the roadster
pewe357 پیش ماه
should you get extended lug studs when running spacers?
John Lardas
John Lardas پیش ماه
Wait what’s the history with this thing did he buy it back? I remember one time I watched the video where he sold the ricermiata and I cried
Adam Kempy
Adam Kempy پیش ماه
Dont forget when u sit in the car it will lower on that side
Bayne Sprouse
Bayne Sprouse پیش ماه
Man I wanna story time on how you’ve ended up in jail more than once
Todd Supraman
Todd Supraman پیش ماه
195 to a 205 is only 10 mm difference in width it's not enough you need at least a 225
Rolling Fanatics
Rolling Fanatics پیش ماه
please use the ricer Miata as an autocross car and the stance car as a drift car ! pleaseeee! I want to see some trackday action from you
Leon Charite
Leon Charite پیش ماه
205/45 all ways
Zb_147 پیش ماه
Dudei completely forgot about the oc ricer civic😂😂 damn ive been watching you for awhile
GnosticMidRange پیش ماه
keep the acura key man! thats super cool.
FredrikLund پیش ماه
Biggest spacer you have ever seen? Clearly Chris don't watch WhistlinDiesel...
Bryan پیش ماه
How much does the front driver side go down with you sitting in the car? It may even out.
Brandon Flicek
Brandon Flicek پیش ماه
The purple Honda brings back memories 😂
Raks Paks
Raks Paks پیش ماه
u have to buy tire machine/mounting machine.
Pedro Reynoso
Pedro Reynoso پیش ماه
Chris use actual measurements 🤦‍♂️ not just your eyes and guess
Riley M.
Riley M. پیش ماه
Anyone noticed that no key is required to drive
Andrew Ramos
Andrew Ramos پیش ماه
You should build a Honda S2000
Vapist F
Vapist F پیش ماه
I think I can brag abt being an og🤣who remembers the ant infested camo miata
Mitch H
Mitch H پیش ماه
Tomorrow’s video going to be a banger haha
Piotr پیش ماه
Jordan talking shit is entertaining. Keep it in.
Mitch H
Mitch H پیش ماه
Perfect person to own this car k20 miata soon land
BaggedDev پیش ماه
blow those front tires up to 75 pounds, it'll stop the debead issue!
Joey Ries
Joey Ries پیش ماه
Hood prop.... ahh. Fuck it
Alex Podolsky
Alex Podolsky پیش ماه
The ricer civic that’s ogog haggard days the wrap around drive way harbour freight trips every video for junk tools hahaha
S I M O N پیش ماه
Day #1 of requesting more content of Jordan’s car.
Jecho Angelov
Jecho Angelov پیش ماه
Leave it tucking rim and just slap some random 15s in the back when you're on the track + 15s tires are cheaper
Dominic Bustamante
Dominic Bustamante پیش ماه
Install fender flares on the front and also change the tires to 215/45 or 40 on that ssr professors 16.
Robert_4130 پیش ماه
When you going to ls swap one of your Miatas?
ItzThatGuy Tommy
ItzThatGuy Tommy پیش ماه
@chirs roll the fenders and u should be good
Jason Embleton
Jason Embleton پیش ماه
Why don’t you just get air ride?😂
EVIL ELVIS پیش ماه
Do not get rid of the Acura fire key keep it hang on your wall or something. JUST KEEP IT
MrKylleeee پیش ماه
I fuckin loved the first hoopty ricer civic back in the day
MikadoRC پیش ماه
Damn the purple Civic remembers me of the no starter life video back from Haggard :D
Corey Hojewski
Corey Hojewski پیش ماه
The back of the wheels should have the width and offset stamped in them
They were rebuilt to wider specs
john smith
john smith پیش ماه
Also you better fix that roll cage that is held in with zip ties before you drift that thing otherwise all your subscribers and commenters are going to rip you a new one
john smith
john smith پیش ماه
Around the 15:30 Mark you can see this silver ignorant stance Miata running quite lean under full throttle I was seeing 16 17 afr's. That's a little dangerous my guy
dalylers 1996
dalylers 1996 پیش ماه
Drifting on 3k wheels ouch
Brandon Cochran
Brandon Cochran پیش ماه
I want the workmeisters for my civic
RobbiesSpace پیش ماه
Isn’t the first number, 205, the side wall and the 35 the with? Was thinking for wider tire and less stretch?
veyron db 2
veyron db 2 پیش ماه
Yoo good on you my man Ruddy. You kept to your word saying you would grind when you got better. And you have. Glad to see you’ve become a new man!
Ozan LB
Ozan LB پیش ماه
If you go to a 215 you need to drop down to a 40 side wall 45s too tall
Brock Weinmann
Brock Weinmann پیش ماه
Sell me this car when your tired of it lol
Bruno Barros
Bruno Barros پیش ماه
treasure pools have to pay u sponsorship those guys have a lot of free marketing coming from here hehe
Shawn Joseph
Shawn Joseph پیش ماه
this car is fucking amazing, i want it ahaha, been following bobs build on it since day 1 tho, sych a difference from what the car came from
Tx_ Ventured_
Tx_ Ventured_ پیش ماه
Nobody’s worried about your clutch chris
Aiden Lepore
Aiden Lepore پیش ماه
How many OG Haggard fans here?
Jeremydebragg Bragg
Jeremydebragg Bragg پیش ماه
Airbag miata 🤔🤷🏿‍♂️
Scotties Lit
Scotties Lit پیش ماه
Those wheels are going to get ruined drifting anyway.
kerbside motors
kerbside motors پیش ماه
15:52 keyless miata 🤔
Jamiesmokestoomuch پیش ماه
I still have the key to my first car
Russco Aus
Russco Aus پیش ماه
Wider rear arch, them wheels need at least a 225
one six svn
one six svn پیش ماه
rip bobs machine lol
VW Love
VW Love پیش ماه
By raising the car, ur killing the point of it.
Gibson Horman
Gibson Horman پیش ماه
Wow is that jacks son .
Mike Medeiros
Mike Medeiros پیش ماه
I don’t care what anybody says, that Miata is ugly af
EJ1Nate 413
EJ1Nate 413 پیش ماه
Mine was like that finger gap i had 195/45 toyos on 15x10 +0 diamond steelies
Seth Brand
Seth Brand پیش ماه
Have you ever thought about doing some fender flares or over fenders? It would let you fit the bigger tires and you could even get that low look without the car actually being low so you don't scrape and break stuff lol.
Craig پیش ماه
You need at least 225s!!!
Eric Maier
Eric Maier پیش ماه
Chris your face tells everyone that your in abit of pain while pushing down the clutch
Christopher Lediard
Christopher Lediard پیش ماه
You need like 225 or 235 on those wheels
Ville Lipponen
Ville Lipponen پیش ماه
The color on the hotboi miata reminds me of shark, You should call it baby shark.
Ville Lipponen
Ville Lipponen پیش ماه
Yeah the 10mm difference in tire width won't do much with that stretch. You need like 245 tires at least for those wheels, and then they won't fit anymore.
midnight slide
midnight slide پیش ماه
you can never have too many miatas!
Jonasz Radecki
Jonasz Radecki پیش ماه
Remove front spacer and run wider tire on front dont rasie it looks sick
BLaze پیش ماه
Where's the Saab content?
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