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Ricer Miata

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Ole Son
Ole Son پیش ماه
Your wheel bearings are shot
AYardley پیش ماه
theres a tool that gets burrs out of round holes
Brian Pardee
Brian Pardee پیش ماه
Bruh files are a one direction tool my guy always push
Tommy Richter
Tommy Richter پیش ماه
idk why this video of all your recent videos made me feel it but im happy to see you back budnik. been watching since the beginning love seeing you up and back at it.
LaQWEEFWA پیش ماه
Jordan is the best character on this tv show
chuckswhip پیش ماه
Lucas Kuerten™
Lucas Kuerten™ پیش ماه
starbucks drink straight fire tho
minibike madman
minibike madman پیش ماه
Whats that a 3 series bimmmmer?! Hahaah Med card hahah we rolling and blazing leeeegit here in MA. Going to take full advantage of my 12 ladies to grow.
BobMother FuckinSmith
BobMother FuckinSmith پیش ماه
Is that a b18?
BobMother FuckinSmith
BobMother FuckinSmith پیش ماه
Safety 3rd dude. Priority is fucked if safety is 1st.
MasterYota 89
MasterYota 89 پیش ماه
you're spare parts bud
UrBasicHusbando پیش ماه
Truelieve Dispensary for the win
Dturnn t
Dturnn t پیش ماه
That sneeze was funny as fuck
D4RKHOUND پیش ماه
Probably not going to see this but get yourself a hand deburring tool, it's a hooked blade on a handle that makes short work of stuff like that.
Nate B__1999
Nate B__1999 پیش ماه
who remembers when chris welded the bung to the oil pan on the wrong side and had to get everything re done
KingofBS پیش ماه
Come on, Rudnik! You gotta use the Honda Bond!!
CerealBowl پیش ماه
Ur ugly but nice car
Dave Ellis
Dave Ellis پیش ماه
Recorded horizontally😀👍
Dc2_frank پیش ماه
You should get a moroso oil pan they have threaded holes for bungs and are baffled
Connor K
Connor K پیش ماه
what wire are you using in your welder?
ashRABBIT99 پیش ماه
Omfg when I come back to FL I'll teach you how to weld my guy that's too much on there
Jayden Rivera
Jayden Rivera پیش ماه
“Just got approved for my med card today” 😅😅
Daniel Ramsay
Daniel Ramsay پیش ماه
No rtv needed if thats a felpro pan gasket there better than oem
fergie88ify پیش ماه
Soo it's got to the point where I only listen to Jordan anymore lol. We all know we subscribed for rudnik though so we can't complain
Eli Villanueva
Eli Villanueva پیش ماه
Bless you
New phone who dis?
New phone who dis? پیش ماه
Get a de burr tool! They are way more consistent
bUd D Dove
bUd D Dove پیش ماه
I have a typo R engine for sale Ruddy.
Phil P
Phil P پیش ماه
Man i wish you would of asked around before getting that drill. Pretty much any electric guns from snap on are all garbage go millwakee much cheaper and way better quality. And come on you cant get rid of the ricer civic i understand why u dont want to keep that specific swap in it i would buy a cheap singel jingle with an ebay turbo and throw it in that girl n send her to the moon!
john smith
john smith پیش ماه
The best part about Starbucks nitro cold brew is you can buy them at your local grocery store and there usually carry cream and sugar in stock at most locations! If you like the nitro you should give the Starbucks expresso double shot cold brew a try.
X D پیش ماه
20hp miata
TheFoxBodyRanger پیش ماه
Anthony Sainzz
Anthony Sainzz پیش ماه
What did you get at the dispensary
Miguel پیش ماه
Jordan is confident that his sh!t don't stink
Henry Ortiz
Henry Ortiz پیش ماه
Stone bag rudnick 😎
Carl پیش ماه
Definitely need to bring back the headcam vids
YassinPlays پیش ماه
12:21 first start 🔥🔥
660 Skeetoutlaws
660 Skeetoutlaws پیش ماه
Dude. You say you and grillo are friends. But I true friend would never BLAST a true friend all over the fucking internet. If your not friends, the ok fuck it. But don’t sit there and say 2 of you are friends, then publicly embarrass the kid. If you had a problem then solve it off camera. Don’t sit there and try to make money off of a mistake that he made. What kind of “friend” does that. It just aggravated me to watch that video of you saying “ oh we are still friends, but first let me bash your fucking soul on the internet for for millions to watch” I’m just saying the whole thing was kindve funny that you decided to put it on the internet.
anthony michael
anthony michael پیش ماه
Got my med car aka I can legally get high af 😂🤣
Kyle D
Kyle D پیش ماه
Don’t be getting cream and sugar in a cold brew jeez
A J پیش ماه
E36 and E46 market value is dogshit right now, civics market value going up 🤑 Try selling an e46 for 3k now a days you get trolled , meanwhile my 92 Eg VX hatchback can easily be sold for over 3k anyday
Majeztikz پیش ماه
You should not triple gasket like that
Wisco Pit Bike
Wisco Pit Bike پیش ماه
Your not using that file correctly. Your gonna wreck it
ShaQ_Diesel پیش ماه
Next time put a cap on the fitting before welding it.
cutlerylover پیش ماه
hahah who gets sad the video is almost over but then smiles when you hear Christ beatbox to the "credits" :) Been a viewer since the beginning very happy to see you come so far Chris!
Schrödy Brodie
Schrödy Brodie پیش ماه
It's cringe that a 40 odd year old, known sex-offender has his tongue stuck so far up a 20 somethings arsehole.
cutlerylover پیش ماه
@Schrödy Brodie 1st of all ewwww dude do people still say cringe? because thats cringe, secondly I have nothing to gain from my comment other then to communicate with Chris...
Schrödy Brodie
Schrödy Brodie پیش ماه
*cringe* Sycophancy isn't a good look.
Andrew Novak
Andrew Novak پیش ماه
Has two lifts... still laying on ground working on jack stands 🤦🏼‍♂️
Brandon Purple
Brandon Purple پیش ماه
Dont get rid of ricer civiccc
Chance06Se پیش ماه
Im concerned about amount off silly cone. Esp if that pan temp. 😳
Brandon Purple
Brandon Purple پیش ماه
This lowkey sounds like my Saab 93. Lmao
Chance06Se پیش ماه
I would use the tree bit inside out to d bur🤔
curtisbeef پیش ماه
Next time weld the bung from the inside. Much cleaner looking. Don't try to run a bead just do a series of tacks.
Shayne Lunam
Shayne Lunam پیش ماه
Damm I seen that same sticker on my brother car (junk) how do I get this
Qico پیش ماه
they have dispo's in florida?? sucks that u need a medical card but i did not know u can still get some. Im from WA so i always hit my dispo
zayaan ali
zayaan ali پیش ماه
0:29 the cold brew is stupid strong so if u have caffeine sensitivity, I wouldnt recommend it (Not me though, I have an addiction)
A.C CLIPS پیش ماه
No way a snap on torch!!! Baller mechanic dabs 😂
SlowV6 پیش ماه
i’m sorry but that starbs drink was ass he should try to chai tea latte with cold foam
zacksbys Zacksbys
zacksbys Zacksbys پیش ماه
The ad revenue tho!!!
Brent Codling
Brent Codling پیش ماه
It doesn’t matter what it looks like as long as it doesn’t leak
Jalen Bussell
Jalen Bussell پیش ماه
Some Damian monte welds were introduced in this video
5ThGeaRedLined پیش ماه
Keep getting cold brew it’s better for you
joey rivera
joey rivera پیش ماه
RUDDY Dont smoke flower with a torch. Only smoke Oil or concentrated with a torch. The heat of the torch will burn your flower to fast.
Cory Lovely
Cory Lovely پیش ماه
"Its got this film"
Al Bundy
Al Bundy پیش ماه
Why isn't Jack gonna tune it, wouldn't that be easier?
Chillin Like A Villain
Chillin Like A Villain پیش ماه
Adam has a TM on that style of tash. You owe him rent buddy 😋 jk keep it. Suits you dude
edirtysix Mobbing
edirtysix Mobbing پیش ماه
I used that snap on torch to dab too hahaha its ass tbh itll fxck up on you forsure, if u dab like i do
Zac Aldam
Zac Aldam پیش ماه
Ricer civic > Adam’s R34
shecter2003 پیش ماه
I don’t know anything about welding but don’t you do both sides? Or no?
Luke J
Luke J پیش ماه
needs to get rid of burrs tool van with all the tools arrives still gets files instead of a deburring tool also: only file on the forward stroke, you'll ruin them
Aaron Foster
Aaron Foster پیش ماه
What’s going on with the fake laugh in every video like I don’t get it
MikeDrop پیش ماه
Aaron Foster
Aaron Foster پیش ماه
You shoulda used Hondabond I’m not kidding best rtv you will ever use in your entire life
ethan brock
ethan brock پیش ماه
You know just got approved for my med card today🤣 my favorite IRpostr I swear
Bagel پیش ماه
Little tip for next time with those step bits, If you wanna get rid of the burrs without spending a year filing. Hit it for a second on the other side of the hole with the step bit. Burrs no mo.
Get2KnowTV پیش ماه
If you carry on welding like that you won’t have a shop for much longer. Rudnick was defo smoking something before hand. Good old risk assessments lol 😂
Laltluangkima Tluanga
Laltluangkima Tluanga پیش ماه
Make the ricer civic awd and do some offroading like the lifted miata
Phat Boii94
Phat Boii94 پیش ماه
Get a air die grinder for wire wheeling a lot easier to use and you won’t burn it out
DylanSN95 پیش ماه
You should apply at McFarland Fab
Scottland Mckinnon
Scottland Mckinnon پیش ماه
Literally been waiting on this for over a year
andrew carruthers
andrew carruthers پیش ماه
Waiting on the Harry’s Ad to get rid of that fucking caterpillar
Steve Kassnoff
Steve Kassnoff پیش ماه
I've had my mmj card in florida for a few years now. Best move I ever made :) glad you're doing better and back to car content!
OfficialNoLimitCrew پیش ماه
I enjoy watching u high fam been doin it for years
Dencol Thompson
Dencol Thompson پیش ماه
Turn it awd with crv b20 gearbox and drivetrain
Juan Mayorga
Juan Mayorga پیش ماه
Wait I haven’t been watching in a minute... Since when has Chris been smoking?😂
908wrx 908lgt
908wrx 908lgt پیش ماه
Chris congratulations on the med card. I’ve had one for a year now in NJ- changed my life. Real shit.
4GsRacing پیش ماه
Why not tune with Jack?
Goose Vargas
Goose Vargas پیش ماه
Stone bag Chris lol
CodyDoesIt پیش ماه
Taco bell ad then he's at Dunkin lol
navs 鋤
navs 鋤 پیش ماه
Shows a torch and says "just got approved for my med card" frickin stoney baloney
Shortzy پیش ماه
Someone please teach him how to use a file before he ruins them......
Storm Kuhrt
Storm Kuhrt پیش ماه
now is it a real gsr or a ebay gsr i want the shitbox content
Brad Thacker
Brad Thacker پیش ماه
Did you ever flip your polarity around on your welder when you switched from flux core? If you didn't it will weld like shit. If you still have you booklet that came with it, it tells you.
superskyrimjob پیش ماه
That thumbnail reminds me of the good old CN tommy and ruddy days for some reason
Brenden Walker
Brenden Walker پیش ماه
“Sounds cam’d Rah rah Rah” 🤌🏽🤣☠️
shaun skates
shaun skates پیش ماه
PHEW !! Soo glad you stopped tha shitty fuggin lounge music shite bro i couldnt watch with tha playing !! Well done 😎🤙🏼🐾
mako daddy
mako daddy پیش ماه
Dang you gotta have a med card out there old school shit 😆
Efrain Medina
Efrain Medina پیش ماه
The nitro cold brew is better in the stomach to
HoodieBrothersAutoFab پیش ماه
Come over and check out some welding videos 🤘🏽😂
HoodieBrothersAutoFab پیش ماه
Hell ya dude 🤙🏽
Ian Marsman
Ian Marsman پیش ماه
dude you should get the new k series crate motor for the crx that would be dope but i voted all motor all day
David Chulock
David Chulock پیش ماه
Get a tig welder that'll make you a real welder
Robert Purl
Robert Purl پیش ماه
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