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Ricer Miata

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Ricer Miata
Ricer Miata پیش ماه
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Fatman Smokes
Fatman Smokes پیش ماه
I just ordered my first hat from you hopefully I can get you to sign it and get it sent out fast I just ordered it it’s a camo junk hat
Jeff Morse
Jeff Morse پیش ماه
@F1 #44 courtney and the dog are staying in CT she didn't like FL
Leotheleprachaun پیش ماه
Advertising gambling to potential minors..with really colourful art in the game...on a site that has minors all over it. Slap an age restriction of above 21 or this sponsor could land you in some hot water
MBK DUKE پیش ماه
Do some Florida street racing
Jahee پیش ماه
As someone with a history of (screen) addiction, I had to downvote this vid. Stay safe people, and watch your wallet!
Fixie Guy
Fixie Guy پیش ماه
Hidden camera in the civic to see who try’s to seal it 😭
Lilbuddah 726
Lilbuddah 726 پیش ماه
Instead of scrapping the ricer civic shell see if someone wants it for parts like maybe a subscriber or someone😐
FredrikLund پیش ماه
Casino sponsor..... give us a fucking break, Chris.
UltRa SytS
UltRa SytS پیش ماه
Tbh Ruddy came through swiftly with the sponsor hit.
Ronnie _cbr600f4
Ronnie _cbr600f4 پیش ماه
I'm in fort Lauderdale rudnick bout to pull up with the bikes
Landyce Faine
Landyce Faine پیش ماه
His either putting that motor in the blue Berry or putting the mystery sr in the blueberry
Paul Peterson
Paul Peterson پیش ماه
** SPOILER ALERT** THE #RicerCivic heart is going to be implanted into the #B20FrankienstienCRX
Blu Shartbox
Blu Shartbox پیش ماه
i wanna see that hentai s chassis
Spacedude182 پیش ماه
Bro you gotta change the settings on your microphone at the podcast area!! That thing sounds like junk, when it is a pretty decent microphone
FordLife Nz
FordLife Nz پیش ماه
If you didn't buy a big turbo then you're a straight up puss,but then,no flat foot puss level obtained
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda پیش ماه
That wobble 😭
RustyRadoLs2 پیش ماه
Jordan is starting to open up a bit. He seems like a good guy. So quite and reserved lol
Matt Clements
Matt Clements پیش ماه
Look at the wheel on the fucking dyno 😂😂
Gs Manny
Gs Manny پیش ماه
Drill the wheels center bore just with a Dremil
Scott Hunter
Scott Hunter پیش ماه
@Ricer Miata sounded kinda like Yeah by Usher ft Lil Jon and Luda
FranksGarage پیش ماه
Ooof just lettin video run on replay but I heard Jack sayin this is an example of somebody in their garage and I have to say; Noooo wayyy not by a long shot. People that take it seriously still can do all the work themselves. This is an example of what a 15 year old that got lucky and found a b series vtec would do.
The Rx7 roadie BURPLE RX7
The Rx7 roadie BURPLE RX7 پیش ماه
When money turned up for ruddy he turned into what Tommy was for him, It’s the circle of life but in a downward spiral
The Rx7 roadie BURPLE RX7
The Rx7 roadie BURPLE RX7 پیش ماه
What was the point of the dyno if you knew you was already replacing the shitty turbo? Wasting yours and jacks time and potentially risking your engine, Again with the bad decisions
The Rx7 roadie BURPLE RX7
The Rx7 roadie BURPLE RX7 پیش ماه
Oh and learn how to shift properly, you don’t need to punch it like that, you have synchros..... bet your doctors are watching like “wtf dude,,,, we thought you learnt”
Ziyaad پیش ماه
Chris needed Jordan from the time he moved to florida
Mario Teston
Mario Teston پیش ماه
Iv sat back for a while.. quite a while. Since the vaping days. I think it's time you invest in a k series
Lee Mcelmeel
Lee Mcelmeel پیش ماه
That engine will work good in the crx oh sorry big secret
Ricer Integra
Ricer Integra پیش ماه
Damn them wheels and being slammed really changed the look imo
Gixxer Kidd
Gixxer Kidd پیش ماه
How the hell do you keep up with all the keys to al the cars you have and you should do a vid of driving all yours cars they need to be driven feels like forever
Vic FastLife
Vic FastLife پیش ماه
Yo bro sell me those door panels when you get rid of the car I will drive down there from orlando! Please let me know my IG is @taylorgangvictor hit me up!!!!
Kyle H
Kyle H پیش ماه
Sell me that turbo
ThuggyDuggy پیش ماه
Ek coupes are so sick
listen trees
listen trees پیش ماه
i bet orion is eating oreos watching this crying wishing he woulda been lesss of a box of shit to the ogs
AllWeatherAll پیش ماه
All we care about is the engine... Proceeds to beat the shit out of the engine with no regard !!!! LOL DEAD
Broke Garage
Broke Garage پیش ماه
Chris you need to get a audio interface for your microphones or upgrade them search up the fifine ones on Amazon
Ben Harvey
Ben Harvey پیش ماه
when you buy boostedbois from wish
Bryan Rex
Bryan Rex پیش ماه
all of this makes me happy. but really just get a different trans. The gearing on that thing sucks
MaxBoost -
MaxBoost - پیش ماه
2-3 shift was crispy @15:52-15:56 👌
Kenneth Ratliff
Kenneth Ratliff پیش ماه
5 speeds dont bang my ass bro that shit bangs like a 2 inch dab worm on a hot rig
Kenneth Ratliff
Kenneth Ratliff پیش ماه
Jordan seems like a damn good friend to have around
Fuzion180 پیش ماه
What happened to courtney?
Gibson Horman
Gibson Horman پیش ماه
Any chance of changing the ricer civic to the fast and furious 1 civic
B P پیش ماه
Dont know the beat but sounds good
Thomas John
Thomas John پیش ماه
Daaaang watch your mouth, took it a little far with that minute after the dyno pull. Its funnier to use different words ir words that dont even make sense
Luisinthebay پیش ماه
What wheels are those?
Ben Crosbie
Ben Crosbie پیش ماه
Sell the car with no engine
Manuel Quinonez
Manuel Quinonez پیش ماه
I went back in my liked videos and seen a liked video from 5 years ago when you first were going turbo in the ricer Miata
BigT_Money پیش ماه
fuckin love that ricer civic
L3TTUCE پیش ماه
When you showed us the turbo, its literally missing half a blade...haha
Bobz پیش ماه
205 on a boosted motor b series is weird I’ve seen stock ones hit like 300 ez guess that broken turbo causing it
Ricky Jackson Il
Ricky Jackson Il پیش ماه
He gonna but that motor in the blueberry
Gary M
Gary M پیش ماه
Chris has fans that do art for him....Where the hell are the musically inclined fans to help with an outro.
nigel3018 پیش ماه
The song is get low!
Dingbus Frank
Dingbus Frank پیش ماه
Please tell me this engine isn’t for the blueberry...
Tyler Law
Tyler Law پیش ماه
is the front wheel loose?
Robert Keeton
Robert Keeton پیش ماه
Bro, that's a high compression B18C1, at 12 psi on an eBay 50 trim on my B18B1 (non-VTEC) in my 97 Civic coupe I made 388 whp....and that was a bone stock bottom end with BC stage 2 turbo cams and dual valve springs with titanium retainers. Edit: that was on a DynoJet...
FaZe PeeStream
FaZe PeeStream پیش ماه
He’s gonna swap into a Miata
Robert Keeton
Robert Keeton پیش ماه
Damn man, I wish either of my boosted Hondas started that quickly. My boosted J32A Accord takes like 3-5 seconds to fire up, even after priming the fuel system.
Paul Anton
Paul Anton پیش ماه
usher - yeah, that's the beat you were doing
Snoopy Cnote
Snoopy Cnote پیش ماه
Carlos needs to drive it again! "Go f... yur self"
Jared Musick
Jared Musick پیش ماه
i fucking love this car😂
Robert Pierce
Robert Pierce پیش ماه
12:00 stick shift much?
Klaudizcx پیش ماه
Get a TDI
Mikhail Iverson
Mikhail Iverson پیش ماه
We all know this motor is going straight into the crx 🔥🔥
PositiveVibezzz پیش ماه
You say you dont care to prove it get a hammer and smash it into the back quarter panel
Pebo Masst
Pebo Masst پیش ماه
Chris when you scrap the shell I’ll buy the steering wheel
Austin Young
Austin Young پیش ماه
Jack fucked you lol !!! Confirmed in his video the engine is going into the CRX
dirtroad ryder
dirtroad ryder پیش ماه
I think the motors going in the crx anybody else thinking same thing
Rodrigo Medina
Rodrigo Medina پیش ماه
That yellow frontier that’s always in the background, is it for sale 👀👀
Douggie Dowdall ki88
Douggie Dowdall ki88 پیش ماه
350 would be nice
Bryan Vazquez
Bryan Vazquez پیش ماه
Pull the turbo out and probably make more power lol
Import Fanboy
Import Fanboy پیش ماه
donate the shell to 79th Productions, see if he will save it
Import Fanboy
Import Fanboy پیش ماه
hes in miami i think
BACNandEGGS پیش ماه
Stop talking into the side of that condenser mic you silly goose it sounds much better when you talk into the tip
joshua Roman
joshua Roman پیش ماه
He putting the engine in a miata
5ThGeaRedLined پیش ماه
Usher - Yeah. Ft lil Jon
Nicolas Maria
Nicolas Maria پیش ماه
Bro you can hear that Vtec kick right around 6-7k
5ThGeaRedLined پیش ماه
I heard VTEC !!!! Hell yeah !!! Lol
fourty 7
fourty 7 پیش ماه
Ain't that beat from that ludacris, usher, and lil jon song.
Shawn Reynolds
Shawn Reynolds پیش ماه
He is just a SAAB story lmao 🤣😭
LJmods پیش ماه
Why didn’t you show the dyno of the miata?? Just watched it on jacks channel instead
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 پیش ماه
Probably going to be today's video.
Patrick Shane
Patrick Shane پیش ماه
Put the d series back in and whistlin diesel it
J P پیش ماه
Thanks Jack for letting us know the engine is for the CRX!!!
Jorge Macias
Jorge Macias پیش ماه
would you sell the ricer civic so its legacy could keep going?????
McHippo2710 پیش ماه
can you please not destroy the civic, if you don't want it someone will, shell looks to good, and suspension can be changed just like the fenders
Zach.T94 پیش ماه
Your music was so loud during the pay promotion I could barely hear what you were saying lol
kraftydc2 پیش ماه
Bolt ons n/a gsr does 160whp to 170whp all day. It only takes 10lbs of boost to see over 300whp on b18c1. So that thing is beat
adam christie
adam christie پیش ماه
Is this engine going in the crx?
ScrEwLoOse Ej8
ScrEwLoOse Ej8 پیش ماه
For Honda's theres a big difference between B/D shift linkage and F/H/J/K shift cables. B/D linkage needs some getting used to especially if its sloppy
McHippo2710 پیش ماه
please don't junk the civic
Martin Red
Martin Red پیش ماه
after you are done with the shell give it to some kid that wants to learn wrenching on the car
Kade Lewis
Kade Lewis پیش ماه
Day i don’t remember of say I think the engine from the river civic is going into the blueberry
Zach Allen
Zach Allen پیش ماه
Where’s Courtney?
Harvey Burrough
Harvey Burrough پیش ماه
Wheres the cammery start up
vantsen nm
vantsen nm پیش ماه
get the new turbo lol ofc aint going no where, and riping and thinking shit it burping too much :D
Eddie Gutierrez
Eddie Gutierrez پیش ماه
We need Carlos to take the Civic for a beer run one last time before you junk it
Ian Marsman
Ian Marsman پیش ماه
who else doesnt want to see the crx slammed on its nuts
Kie Cooper
Kie Cooper پیش ماه
I’m guessing the engine is going in the blue miata since he ain’t saying what the engine is going in 🤷🏼‍♂️
b00stedrust پیش ماه
Posted this on jacks shit too, my 98 integra gsr, stock down to the head gasket made 302whp on a hub dyno ... had 550 rc injectors, 255 walboro...2.5" exhaust, downpipe, intercooler piping, tial wg/bov 50mm and 44mm...and a precision 600hp rated fmic... on a 57 trim t3/t04e garrett turbo @ 9 psi.. just by look it looks like your turbo is a bit bigger than a 57 trim lol....turbo getting tired?
kastlampie پیش ماه
Rudnik 2021; doing things legit 😂 Puts wheels on that doen't fit the hub, all wobbly af. Can't understand that Jack is letting you guys run such a lethal POS in his shop. 13:50 Flexible knees by the way after that surgery 😅 Keep up the hilarious content! 🤙
Stephen Keyes
Stephen Keyes پیش ماه
Small gesture but im glad you let jordan get first rip
Eric Pruit
Eric Pruit پیش ماه
Not gonna lie the ricer civic looks pretty good low with the wheels
Sunny Ricer
Sunny Ricer پیش ماه
Don't total it they are getting rare
Benny Gagne
Benny Gagne پیش ماه
Ima guess that motors going in the crx
Spanish John
Spanish John پیش ماه
theres also a massive chip out of the turbine
Justin A
Justin A پیش ماه
Ruddy hold that bitch to the boards longer in 2nd then hit 3rd she ain't gone blow up its a honda lol as long as she has enough fuel 🤪 BTW your good old beat box at the end was "yeah" 😁
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