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Eric Cochrun
Eric Cochrun پیش ماه
I love watching the new chris it's so much more fun to watch you do shit the right way and follow up with these and do stuff the best way you can. Even your spray painting job turned out way better
Clay P.
Clay P. پیش ماه
I have no earthly clue how you haven’t gained subs in a long time you deserve like 1 mil at least bro
Steve Keenan
Steve Keenan پیش ماه
Good to see you back in the shop doin what you do
_Robert_721 On ig
_Robert_721 On ig پیش ماه
Rhymes once “should I be a rap god”😂
HKSupra پیش ماه
Hes obviously the one who kicked your civic fender.
HKSupra پیش ماه
No dont rap, sing Harvy Danger you have a similar voice.
clutch HS
clutch HS پیش ماه
👶🚀 is back boiis yeeeeeeee
Tanks ChopShop
Tanks ChopShop پیش ماه
Hitting your car because its kicking your ass is pussy shit
B P پیش ماه
220 hp
Dalton Borgens
Dalton Borgens پیش ماه
Where is Courtney
F1 #44
F1 #44 پیش ماه
next a gt350 auto 8 speed
Hell on Earth
Hell on Earth پیش ماه
Needs a tune
Hell on Earth
Hell on Earth پیش ماه
Bet he won't fix the exhaust.
Street Style Initiative
Street Style Initiative پیش ماه
Am I the only one wondering why the harness bar is in the bathroom? Lmao
Michael Delgado
Michael Delgado پیش ماه
Hell Yeah
tony jeffery
tony jeffery پیش ماه
Full track car speck the roadster you have so much money into it you may as well spend little more getting it sandblasted body work full cage etc and powder coat the whole thing white!
Christian Thresher
Christian Thresher پیش ماه
Lmao i punched my miata a few weeks ago during my whole overhaul, i forget what made me that mad... On another note, Rudnick I keep trynna tell you THE 1.8 TORSEN DIFF IS GOOD FOR 400-450WHP
LimpMode پیش ماه
The Roadster is by far Chris's cleanest car, tell me not
LimpMode پیش ماه
@Robert Debicki Blueberry is fire but I really gotta give it to the roadster in my option. Left hand drive with a clean sr20 swap- most 240sx guys in the united states don't pull of sr swaps that clean. I do love the ITBs in Blueberry tho
Robert Debicki
Robert Debicki پیش ماه
not lol blueberry is
Slobra_99 پیش ماه
dont hit your car get in the bitch and money shift the fuck out of it and do some e brake slides always makes it better
Tmuns پیش ماه
Retint the hardtop!
oFrigid پیش ماه
wheres courtney?
Jeremy Rohm
Jeremy Rohm پیش ماه
I'm pretty sure you can buy a brand new RHD hood on moss miata
Ay Buzz
Ay Buzz پیش ماه
Watching after work with sum chick fil a 💪🏽
Creeker پیش ماه
Rud got a whole pit crew going on now!!!! Lmao
Owen Maurer
Owen Maurer پیش ماه
What happened to Courtney...been awhile
Neo پیش ماه
Dude there is a second seatbelt point you can mount the receiver too that is further forward, its better for harness pickup as well
Gavin Starke
Gavin Starke پیش ماه
Why aren't yall youtuber supporting each other besides a few like Sam, Lz and the rice man Oakachan!!!
Timxj220 پیش ماه
14:56 It's a Miata or something else. It's Silver anyway 😉🙌😎
Doktor Brick
Doktor Brick پیش ماه
Miata crackhead hahaha😂
Joey Henry
Joey Henry پیش ماه
Hope your turbo is faster than your window is that Jordan fixed.
Jalen Bussell
Jalen Bussell پیش ماه
My 98 civic has the same sort of dents on the driver fender because my hand met the crank pulley then it met the fender a couple times
jordan campbell
jordan campbell پیش ماه
Hi Chris do you still own the sti in the uk?
Mr_Pickle5 پیش ماه
The roadster is together. It could be better. A trophy getter. Makin you lonely. If only you make it to the podium, but your eyes are filled with sodium. The lies of the prize lost in smoke. You choke racin like common folk, can't keep pace. In last place. I slide wide to pass your slow ass ,leavin you last. You give chase, your tires won't hook, you're all shook. You've been over-took. I'm in first place, with a smile on my face. the only key I need in my pocket is to Baby Rocket.
TheFoxBodyRanger پیش ماه
Love the vibe of Chris’s Channel. Haggard.
Alan Walker
Alan Walker پیش ماه
I never see chris actually working on his own car lmao its always someone else
Rare AF
Rare AF پیش ماه
Ruddy- you need to put sealing the top of the hardtop on the fix it list. When you were drag racing you could see it lifting up
jack پیش ماه
Hopefully the new car is a Honda civic to replace the red
ady-B David
ady-B David پیش ماه
Use some air clean out the window channel and then spray silicone grease in channels should help the window go faster
954scrappy پیش ماه
when the window motor has more HP then a stock miata
Sm0kEyX420*_* پیش ماه
Rhymes two words and says...... you think I can be a rap god 😂😂😂😂
GEARS guru
GEARS guru پیش ماه
We ever gonna see Chester again?
buckscott700 پیش ماه
You should get Taylor Ray to fab you an exhaust
Benny پیش ماه
jordan that CL is fuckin mint i love seeing it
He’s buying bobs miata 😈😂
You better be hitting up Sam for some yashio factory harnesses! It is a sr!!!
No Ruddy no more music!!!
Crypto Ace
Crypto Ace پیش ماه
Calling out grillo 🤣🤣 do it! Just for shits and giggles 😋
GramDee420 پیش ماه
Blaze it!! 🍁
Carl B
Carl B پیش ماه
Why do you do that Chris? If you're truly trying to change your image to flip cars. Why do you throw parts away as he's working on it. Bro, you have to change your image if you're trying to make a business selling cars in. Just saying.
Kandres027 پیش ماه
Is anyone counting how many days he’s hoarding Tommy’s ladder?
brian mosleyb
brian mosleyb پیش ماه
I love that years after the hard days you still have the same outro!!! WUSSUP YOUTUUUUUUEYOUTUUUUUUUUUUUBE! 💨💨
Michael M.
Michael M. پیش ماه
Rudnik, step up your primer game.. LOL - REEEEEEEEE @harnessbar
Rocky O'Grady
Rocky O'Grady پیش ماه
Tell jordan to take the chrome off the trunk of the accord they look super clean without it
Lex-Life Garage
Lex-Life Garage پیش ماه
siliocone spray on the runners window is fly up and down !!!!
Rowald Wousie
Rowald Wousie پیش ماه
Bet its a tesla
Cody VonGruenigen
Cody VonGruenigen پیش ماه
Put Alex on the payroll just to keep the TE clean!
Walker Bass
Walker Bass پیش ماه
*keeps parts behind bathroom toilet*
Ryan Hoffmann
Ryan Hoffmann پیش ماه
Not trying to be pedantic but isn't a Roadster an OPEN two-seater?
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 پیش ماه
That's what Miata's are called in Japan. "Eunos Roadster," and the hard top is removable: 14:07.
Patrick Shane
Patrick Shane پیش ماه
Lube your window track and it should go up faster
Adam Siburt
Adam Siburt پیش ماه
Where’s Courtney!?!?!?
puppy life in nz Mcd
puppy life in nz Mcd پیش ماه
Make me famous
kshepthedrummer پیش ماه
Chris: "I could be a rap god" Tommy somewhere: "nope"
Shortzy پیش ماه
Gotta love Rudnik having his own definition for "money shift" thats different than everyone elses....... Money shift = 1 - 2 - 1. Rudnik "money shift" = clutchless shifting....i think. lol
Deutschehordenelite پیش ماه
Sorry, I don't remember correctly, but was that issue with the proportioning valve already fixed?
Sean Newton
Sean Newton پیش ماه
Sitting that high on a Miata is a super common problem. There is a great thread about it on Miata turbo forum. I went with the track dog racing kit with the super low mount. I really encourage you to check it out. You have to drill out the rear mounts and bolt them thru the floor. Super common in the spec Miata series. It's the best seat I've ever had in a car. There is two options for the mount. Normal ( don't have to remove rear seat mounts ) and the ultra low. If you decide to try it make sure you get a back brace for the seat as well. Aluminum seats need back braces. They sell that as well. I do not work for track dog. I simply love it. I was going to sell the car because I just couldn't fit in it right and then I found these. I hope that helps.
Patrick پیش ماه
need the Yashio Factory belts from Sam
Alex پیش ماه
Two things: Put a sequential in the roadster FINISH THE CRX YOU SLOOT
Nathan Countyrman
Nathan Countyrman پیش ماه
You should gut a miata completely and make like a miata go cart type thing
Evan98 پیش ماه
If your getting a harness get a hans device so you dont get decapitated if you crash head on
IMNOTA پیش ماه
You need 245's on the roadster, many people have done it on stock body and with 420hp you definitely need it.
Polo Rize
Polo Rize پیش ماه
That roadster RIPS man Jesus
Mark D
Mark D پیش ماه
Yoooo guys, what this dashboard on Miata white, this dashboard installs on Miata NB ?
diefordmustangs3 پیش ماه
6:37 How is the Song called?
Efrain Medina
Efrain Medina پیش ماه
I haven't see you drift on a track in a so long like when you used to slang the ls red e36 and just shred it ibknkw you have your injury but maybe stjck it in 3rd and let em eat at osw
Nick Hall
Nick Hall پیش ماه
Bro for god sakes quit buying cars and do something with the CRX already...
Chance Negalha
Chance Negalha پیش ماه
@elfenomeno320 just wanted to trigger the dude whos butthurt with rudnik for doing what he wants with his time and cars lol
elfenomeno320 پیش ماه
@Chance Negalha chill bertha
Local Ford Dealer
Local Ford Dealer پیش ماه
the CRX will get done in time relax
Chance Negalha
Chance Negalha پیش ماه
Fuck honda
kurtupnorth 97
kurtupnorth 97 پیش ماه
corbeau will make you custom seats for the miata
Kaine Gunn
Kaine Gunn پیش ماه
Yess, finally the Roadster!!
Columbus VW
Columbus VW پیش ماه
Has a shop to spray paint in, paints in a tree.
CnB Kudi
CnB Kudi پیش ماه
find anywhere good with the medical card?
Dylan_ Ms3
Dylan_ Ms3 پیش ماه
Why don’t you have a mazdaspeed miata
Mike Medeiros
Mike Medeiros پیش ماه
You need to import a new roadster shell because your current one is trash
Mike Medeiros
Mike Medeiros پیش ماه
Someone fucked the passenger side fender on the roadster when he was up in Connecticut. Surprised he hasn’t said anything about it
Steve Ohhh
Steve Ohhh پیش ماه
You should've got your harness from Sam I'm sure he would've hooked you up with a deal on a sweet Yashio Factory harness!! While your at it throw in some cash to Ebisu Circuit for repairs from the earthquake!!!!
Ross Hinze
Ross Hinze پیش ماه
What's with the PT cruiser that's always in the background
b00stedrust پیش ماه
Actually broke his wrist, look at the swelling from right after the last pull to the end of the video.
itsunclepaul پیش ماه
Really getting to like the motivated rudnik
Saimencelli 90
Saimencelli 90 پیش ماه
Another crx?
swallowsjeremyy پیش ماه
I feel for jordan. This jetta I had definitely felt the wrath a few times..
Jd Jd
Jd Jd پیش ماه
I’m going to scrap yard on weekend if I see one could come to an arrangement to send it over to you if ones there 🇬🇧
Brandon Stokes
Brandon Stokes پیش ماه
Glad to see everything being done 100% now loving the videos.!
1000 FZR
1000 FZR پیش ماه
Would be interested to see a supercharged build.
flyboy765753 پیش ماه
Look into BPC-157 and TB-500, they are peptides that are amazing at healing injuries. I literally fixed a bad shoulder i had for 10 years with the stuff in like a month and a half. I can do push ups for the first time in years. The only downside is that you have to inject them with a small needle but they basically have no physical side effects(THEY ARE NOT STEROIDS!) . You inject a very small amount of bpc157 with a small insulin needle everyday near the injury site subcutaniously(under the fat layer, above the muscle) and the tb500 twice a week sub-Q. Together they have a synergistic effect. The bpc157 is used by athletes and is legal for competition in pro sports, the tb500 not so much but its still safe. Do your own research but i highly suggest it to speed up the healing process.
Slow_Honda پیش ماه
Spray some silicone lube on window guides and will move like when it was new. Old civics have the same issue and you only need to spray it twice a year.
Integra DIY
Integra DIY پیش ماه
He should just drop the gsr swap in the ed8..
nick garcia
nick garcia پیش ماه
Lol ek coupe door panels(cards) are super rare these days to find in decent or good condition you gave him a steal for them *good friend move*
l2eacly- 4Ur-Mom
l2eacly- 4Ur-Mom پیش ماه
So um who the fuck brought you the car and what fucking car was it lol
Hunter tropling
Hunter tropling پیش ماه
You should do a full body repair on the roadster at some point. I would love to see that thing minty clean. Love the vids
l2eacly- 4Ur-Mom
l2eacly- 4Ur-Mom پیش ماه
Aye! Who owns that Mini Cooper and that pt cruiser or whatever is on the side of the drift car lol
l2eacly- 4Ur-Mom
l2eacly- 4Ur-Mom پیش ماه
Take that passenger seat out, weight reduction AND you don’t wanna scare anyone when you send it
Jacopo Bertasi
Jacopo Bertasi پیش ماه
No prop valve yet?
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